Today we’re looking for the Southport Wedding Venue that I consider the ‘best’! An odd task, I know, for a couple of reasons. 

First of all, I’m very aware that ‘best’ is subjective. Often the best wedding venue for one person is not the best for the next person. And so this might be a selfish comparison because I’m looking at what I see at the best Southport wedding venue for ME. Paul. A mere Wedding Photographer.  

Southport Wedding Venue - Meols Hall

Southport Wedding Venue Photofilm

If you want a quick glance into a wedding at Meols Hall, a Wedding Venue in Southport, you may only need to watch the following video. 

This photo film contains the shortened highlights from Samantha and Andrews’s wedding day. 

If you like what you see and enjoy personal and emotional storytelling photography, be sure to check out the rest of this website. 

Why should I listen to a Photographer?

That’s probably the first thing I should clear up. Why listen to me? I go to lots of venues, Meeting loads of staff. I also see more of those venues than most people. Not that everyone should take my words as gospel, it certainly doesn’t make me right. I may, however, have more insight than some, and it’s always unbiased. 

What I look for in a Wedding Venue

For Me, the best wedding venue is a few things. Those elements also may be different to what other people might research. 

Firstly, I suppose it should at least LOOK good. My job is visual storytelling so this should be the first thing I mention. 

The appearance will also be the feature most people notice when they start their search. I imagine some people reading this may even be at that stage in their wedding planning. Are you searching the internet to find venues and styles which you find attractive? 

I also think the venue should be friendly. The staff at a venue can make or break the entire day. They affect the mood and experience of the wedding guests. 

I also believe the best wedding venue should be adaptable. Different people have different tastes, and couples should be able to inject this personal style into their wedding day. Not all weddings need to follow a template, So the venue should be able to cater to the less traditional couple. 

Oh yeah, The food also needs to be incredible!

Meols Hall Wedding Photographs

Find below the selected stills from Andrew and Samantha’s Beautiful wedding. 

Why Meols Hall? Is it the perfect Southport Wedding Venue?

Well, I think it’s time for a disclaimer. I’ve not been to every single Southport wedding venue. Most places can be a wedding venue with enough creativity, so I probably never will! 

But I’ve been to enough to know which ones are satisfactory or marvellous. Meols Hall safely falls into the second category. Let’s see why;

Is Meols Hall Friendly?

As I’ve already mentioned, great staff are vital. When I arrived at this venue for the first time, I was welcomed by the venue staff like I was an old mate. Even after photographing at many venues across the country, it can still be a little nerve-wracking when waiting to see what the wedding venue staff will be like to work alongside. I can usually get an instant ‘vibe’. A sudden ‘bad vibe’ is rare, but some are noticeably better than others. 

I’m going to go as far as saying this. If any of the Meols Hall Staff are reading my words, THANK YOU for being so welcoming and making this venue such a warm and friendly place for my couples and myself alike. I’ll see you this year!

Is Meols Hall a worthy venue?

If I only need to answer one question, it’s this one. Meols Hall is a fantastic Southport Wedding Venue. Most of the indoor portions of the wedding will take place in the tithe barn, a beautifully charming manor house complete with a stunning courtyard. Perfect for all kinds of wedding celebrations, the generous space is gorgeous and full of rustic beams and furniture. They keep it current, however. The 400-year-old building still houses a modern kitchen to feed your guests and a stocked bar to keep them merry!

On warm evenings, the coach house is great for your guests to relax and gossip. 

Is Meols Hall ok for Wedding Photography?

Meols Hall Wedding venue in Southport might be perfect for wedding photographers. I shoot in a relaxed documentary style, which means don’t ruin organic moments by shouting orders at my couples or their guests. I always aim to tell the story of the day through my images. Meols Hall is perfect because guests will always have something to do or a place to go, and it all looks fabulous.

As an immediately visible bonus, the hall and the space around it are vast and stunning. Any wedding couple will be blessed with beautiful photographs if they decide to take a walk through the grounds.

The lighting and decor in the tithe barn also make for beautiful backdrops to my casual documentary photography. 

An exclusive wedding venue, Meols Hall will be all yours for the day. Great giving that ritzy feeling on the day. Also brilliant for privacy and security. 

Samantha & Andrews Wedding at Meols Hall

Did you notice that all of the photographs in this post are from the same wedding? Pat yourself on the back! Welcome to the wedding of Samantha and Andrew, who held their celebrations at Meols Hall Wedding Venue after their ceremony in Ormskirk Parish Church. 

I was honoured to be their wedding photographer, Their day was impeccable. 

Bridal Preparations 

We started in Samantha and Andrews’s home, setting the tone for the day. I could see that a relaxed and fun day was ahead.

bridal preparations in ormskirk

Ormskirk Parish Church

On to the church, this is where things are a little bit different. Andrews’s Mum was their Reverend, conducting their service. To make that more special, She was also retiring. The ceremony was the last ever service she conducted at a church. The whole thing gave me goosebumps. Not every Mother of the Groom gets those credentials!

Ormskirk parish church wedding

Wedding Video

Laura from Vision Wave Weddings worked alongside me for the day. Laura works in a very similar way to me, concentrating more on moments and stories. No ‘faking it’. We can bounce ideas and plans around to make the best photographs and videos possible for the couple. 

hair adjustments at meols hall

On to the Southport Wedding Venue

We arrived at Meols Hall to a charming drinks reception. I like to stroll around and do some judging (in the kindest possible way) at this point. I meet the venue staff, see how the rooms flow, photograph anything going on that will add to the wedding story, and maybe join the bride and groom on a walk around their wedding venue. If any group photographs are needed, this is also when I will shoot these. 

a walk with the bride and groom at meols hall

Dinner time

When we’re talking about weddings, we need to mention the food! Carringtons Catering never fail to impress. For this wedding, I was kindly seated as a guest. I can mingle but also taste the entire meal. It’s a tough job, but somebody needs to do it!

harpist at the meols hall reception

Speeches & Wedding Party

Samantha’s Dad opened the speeches, followed by Andrew and his brother. They were personal, funny and emotional, just as they should be. 

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favourite parts of any wedding day is the party, the dancing, the music and watching people get messy. As with the rest of this wedding, I wasn’t disappointed. Music came from the band ( and kept everyone on the dancefloor after the first dance. Samantha and her Dad also chose to have a dance together, which is always lovely to see. 

bride and groom first dance in southport wedding venue

Other Southport Wedding Venues

Meols Hall certainly isn’t the only Southport wedding venue. There are many beautiful venues within reach of Southport. Another favourite of mine is West Tower, which is just outside of Ormskirk. It’s probably my most popular wedding venue as a photographer and certainly one to check out. 

Meols Hall Wedding Photographer

If you’re getting married at Meols Hall or any other Southport Wedding Venue, you’ll probably be looking for a wedding photographer! Allow me to introduce myself… 

My name is Paul, a Documentary Wedding Photographer. I’m based in the charming market village of Standish on the Greater Manchester and Lancashire border. My photography style is casual and laid back, concentrating on the story and the emotional side of your wedding day. Feel free to read more about how I work on the Documentary Wedding Photography page or click the Home Page Link.