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Storytelling Wedding Photography at West Tower, Without the Cheese.

My name is Paul Waring, I’m a West Tower wedding photographer, and I don’t do things like the rest of ’em!

I’m not a complete weirdo (don’t ask my wife); I just have a unique way of working. I am what we call a Candid Wedding Photographer.

It means I’m not for posers! I’m for lovers of casual, emotion-driven & storytelling wedding photography.

And what better place to tell a story than at the gorgeous West Tower in Aughton, near Ormskirk? West Tower is always a venue I look forward to visiting!

If you are looking for a West Tower wedding photographer and don’t want boring wedding photos, I’d love to hear all about your wedding. 

I’ve got a bad beard and even worse dad jokes!

I photograph weddings for brides and grooms, grooms and grooms, brides and brides. 

My Approach to Wedding Photography

Say No to boring photos

Storytelling and reality will always be at the heart of my photography.

Real moments involving real emotions and people. This will tell the story of a wedding day, and create lasting memories. It’s not just about taking photographs of people who aren’t looking, or being a fly-on-the-wall; It’s about being in the right place at the right time to capture those events unfolding rather than creating fake ones. 

This means natural photos. The blink-and-you-missed-it moments. Great if you (obviously) want beautiful images, but don’t fancy being dragged away from your canapés & alcohol celebrations by a bossy camera-person to stare lovingly into each other’s eyes. Eurgh! 

Kick back, turn up the volume and press PLAY

Wedding Photography at West Tower Venue

Posts and photographs from recent weddings

Paul Waring. West Tower Wedding Photographer.


A chilled-out, coffee-guzzling Bearded beast. I live near the border of Lancashire and Greater Manchester but will travel anywhere with a road to shoot Weddings.

I’m obsessed with capturing good vibes and people at their happiest.

Away from Weddings, you can usually find me in the great outdoors. Hiking and cycling are my freedom from reality. Mountains are my silent place.

This year, I married my beautiful best friend.

Grandparents love me and I love what I do… Even when it rains!

he captured the most beautiful photos without us barely noticing on the day. He was a pleasure to have share our day, a true talent. Thank you Paul!

Jenny & James, West Tower

West Tower Wedding Photography

OK, Let me just start by throwing this out there… West tower (In Ormskirk, not too far from Liverpool but technically Lancashire) is one of my absolute favourite Wedding Venues to shoot in. Each time I see an enquiry come through for this little gem of a location, I do a little happy dance. And so, I thought it was only fair to share a few of the reasons why this enduring venue should be on your list of places to look. And if you’re already booked at West Tower, I’d love to hear from you.

Right… Enough pleasantries! Why is West Tower such an awesome Wedding Venue for Wedding Photographers?

1 – The Beautiful Light

Wanna know something nerdy? The word ‘photography’ comes from two original Greek words. ‘Photo’ which means light, and ‘graphia’ which means drawing. So naturally, us photographers (or light-drawers) understand that you can’t have a great photo without great light.

When you first walk into the ceremony and reception rooms at West Tower, you’re greeted with the most beautiful big windows, a photographers dream. As the day goes on, the sun sets and the two almost-west-facing sides let in gorgeous light throughout! 

So this reason is a bit of a selfish one, as the Venue basically just makes my job of creating lovely photos so much easier! It really is a photographers-venue for this reason. 

2 – The Crystal Suite

The Crystal Suite, or ‘The Getting Ready Room’ has slid right into this list, with good reason. West Tower have done away with getting ready in tight and dull hotel rooms or at home when you’d rather be somewhere special. 

They provide a beautiful, private and bright room for you to be pampered in (they also tell me that you can have this room from 8am, score!). 

Now, take it from a person who goes to LOTS of weddings… If anything is to go wrong on a Wedding Day, it will be transport. So being able to eliminate this problem, at least for the bridal party, will in turn eliminate so much stress! 

Theres even a kitchen, So your photographer won’t need to go without a brew. Heaven!

west tower aughton photos
getting ready at west tower

3 – West Tower Grounds

Location, location, location… One thing West Tower will never ever be short of, is amazing ‘strolling opportunities’. 

I’m a big advocate of strolling on a wedding day. I always urge my couples to just take a few minutes to have a walk around and spend a bit of time alone. For such an intimate venue, West Tower does a great job of supplying you with some lovely places to escape to. 

4  – West Tower Food

I’m going to put my neck on the line now and just come out and say it… The food at West Tower is some of the tastiest I’ve had. I cannot confirm if the chefs are secretly wizards, but I certainly have my suspicions. 

5 – The Romance

OK, hear me out… This is the one I’ve been struggling with, because I actually don’t know how to explain it. West Tower is just ‘special’ and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you’re there. 

It could be the isolated feeling (its a totally exclusive venue, so no peepers), the history (it goes all the way back to 1885), the panoramic views, the awesome artwork (Ive never seen so many Todd White paintings in one room… Even when I met him at one of his exhibitions. I’m a total Art-nerd), the luxurious atmosphere, the incredible vendors and lovely staff… 

I’m just going to call it ‘the romance’ and leave it there. If you’ve been, you’ll know what I mean. If you’re still yet to arrange a viewing, you’ll soon feel it for yourself. 

West Tower Wedding Photography, A Monofilm. 

What the hell is a Monofilm? Well, It takes my own style of documentary wedding photography, adds in my love of black and white pictures, sprinkles on some storytelling goodness and we are left with what you see below! 

Basically, a black & white photofilm containing every single one of your photographs (although I do leave out the formal family photos, usually). They’re fast-paced and so watch like a video of your day. The Monofilm below is taken from Simon & Emilies beautiful wedding at West Tower.  

EVERY wedding at West Tower includes a PhotoFilm.