Promise & Experience

What to expect from me

If you only read one page on this website, make it this one. 

I commit to four core values when any couple hire me to photograph their wedding. 

My service and photography will be luxury, personal, real, and wild-at-heart.

Let’s dig a little deeper…

Wedding Photography that is


I define Luxury by always following one rule. It’s got to be as good as it can be. You would expect me to be talking about the photos but in this case, I mean service, professionalism and respect. 

I shoot a set amount of weddings yearly so that I can provide this to my people! I am always available to you.

Wedding Photography that is


Every couple receives a set of images completely personal to them. I’m always looking for new ways to document a day, alternative angles, special pockets of light, and consistently making the most of what’s in front of me. 

I’ve photographed over 300 weddings and they’re all totally unique. 

Wedding Photography that is


At the core of my work, is honesty. Real, raw, storytelling photography. 

It means my photography is real, not set-up. Staged photographs of ‘pretend to be shocked at the ring’ groomsmen don’t play a part in this. My focus will always be on the emotions and real moments, through candid photos. 

Wedding Photography that is

Wild at Heart

What an odd thing to stick on a photography website, eh? 

Well, most of my couples are just a little bit wacky, they are free-thinking and modern couples who want to do things their own way. And so my photography doesn’t follow the status quo. It isn’t traditional and I like to think outside the box. 

I’m a relaxed guy, but I want my photographs to have some fire in their belly.

“From the moment I first messaged Paul he helped to really put me at ease. He is incredibly personable and very skilled”

bride stands near a window at west tower wedding venue, with arms around her two page boys

A few things to note


My couples are ultimately inviting me to their biggest day. I get to spend time with their family and chat with their friends. I like to conduct myself as you’d expect a guest to, I’m not a photographer who is centre of attention. 

My Aim is to blend into the day, and so I won’t be ‘herding guests like sheep’ or shouting across the room. That’s just not me. 

Relaxed Portraits

Not many people I’ve come across in life have said “Oh, I just love posing and having my photo taken”. We just aren’t wired that way. However, most people do want a small selection of natural portraits from their wedding day. My answer: Ten minutes. 

I never take longer than ten minutes on portraits, and I’ve always produced beautiful and natural photos. If the sunset is epic, we will take a little walk around, that’s all! I will never make you stare into each other’s eyes or shout “now kiss” awkwardly. 

Shooting From The Inside

The photographs will feel disconnected if I’m hiding at the back of the room all day. Guests will become conscious and think I’m trying to fool them.

Instead, I like to be ‘at’ the wedding. If people think I’m a family friend who brought a camera, that works for me. You’ll find me on the dance floor shaking my tush and enjoying myself when things get wild. I might even shed a tear when things get emotional. But I won’t be hiding.

Your photographs will feel like they’re taken from a guests-eye point of view. Your guests will have forgotten I’m even there and will crack on with having a great time.

For The Parents

I know. I get it. Most parents want a family photo for the fireplace. 

My couples often love to go against the grain and have a totally candid photography experience. However, I do understand that some family photographs will usually be wanted. 

To clarify, though. If you’re planning a list of 35 group photographs covering every possible combination, I may not be your photographer.

This takes time out of your celebrations, and many couples miss their entire drinks reception or other activities through having an unnecessary amount of group photos.

I recommend taking around 10-15 minutes for group photographs to get the most out of my unique documentary style. This usually means the bridal party, immediate family and your parents. We can photograph these efficiently, and everyone can return to their canapes and free booze.