real people.

real moments.

unreal stories.

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candid wedding photographer

real people.

real moments.

unreal stories.

wedding photographer paul waring

Daddy, Husband, Brand Ambassador, Man with Beard, Award Winner & Professional Third Wheel

Elegant Wedding stories through timeless, candid & emotive photographs .

wedding photographer paul waring

I’m Paul, and I’m not a normal Wedding Photographer.

I’m not totally strange (don’t ask my wife); I just have a unique way of working. I am what we call a Candid Wedding Photographer.

It means I’m not for posers! I’m for lovers of casual, emotion-driven & storytelling wedding photography.

I photograph weddings for brides & grooms, grooms & grooms, brides & brides. Geeks, introverts, ravers & misbehavers. Even Love Island fans you!

Say no to boring wedding photos.

Exceptional and Masterful photography that will make you laugh. Make your parents sob. Your friends go ape. Seriously.

Quick Brag…

// Brand Ambassador – Folio Albums

// Award Winner – Masters of Wedding Photography

// Brand Ambassador – Narrative Software

// Staff Writer –

// Best Candid Wedding Photographer – Awarded by SME News

// “The best photographer in the world” – My Mum


why candid
wedding photography?

And why me...

Emotions first

People look pretty at weddings. Uncle bob can take pretty photos of pretty things on his Ipad.

For me, candid photography is all about the ‘feels’. The emotions, the small touches that tie loved ones together.

Nothing staged, nothing posed

Most of my couples don’t like the idea of being the centre of attention… They aren’t posers! They want a happy, fun day filled with food & alcohol loved ones and celebrations. 

And so as a candid wedding photographer, I don’t stage fake moments, and I’ll never tell you to stare lovingly into each others eyes (Eurgh!). 

No templates

I turn up to every wedding with an open mind. Your wedding wont be like my last one, or my next one. Your photos shouldn’t be, either! Without any preconceptions, your photos will be about your wedding. 

Bold and honest

Real weddings are full of hiccups, drama, ugly crying and tipsy woopsies. Subtle connections between people, blink-and-you-missed-it moments.

I want to capture it all, not just the laughter. 

Trusted by photographers

I am a staff writer at, a photography website with one of the most significant readerships that there is, with around 2 million monthly readers. I provide educational and entertaining content to other photographers. 

I’ve also photographed the weddings of multiple wedding photographers, a great honour. 

I’m an ambassador for multiple brands… But I don’t like to brag ;). 

I’ll travel to you!

Home for me is in the lovely market town of Standish, on the Lancashire and Greater Manchester border. 

However, I always include travel anywhere in England, Wales or the bottom bit of Scotland. 

candid photography stories.

from the blog

Dig beneath the portfolio pages and highlights. The nitty gritty is in the blog! See how I shoot consistent stories at every wedding. 

“An absolute pleasure to work with and the photographs are genuinely now up there with one of the favourite things I own”

“They’re perfect and just so precious as a memory of our day forever. Thank you so much. Top bloke, top photography”

eaves hall candid wedding photo
“Paul!!!!! Omg omg omg omg
I’ve just seen the images…


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Frequently asked wedding photography questions

Some of the questions I’m often asked about Candid Wedding Photography

It’s becoming more and more popular because of an increasing number of more casual weddings. Many couples prefer less traditional weddings, so they are looking for an alternative to classic posed photography.

Modern mirrorless cameras have also made the candid style of photography more accessible to photographers, as they are smaller and less invasive. 

Candid photographers will take photographs of anything that will add to the day’s story. The photographer will not stage photographs or interfere in special moments throughout the day. 

This results in a set of reportage images with a narrative and a story. 

Although a candid photographer focuses on the fleeting moments throughout the day, many couples would like a few intimate portraits. The couple can take a walk around the venue with the photographer. The photographer will capture these natural moments and may give some light guidance. 

Candid photography is a style where the photographer does not interfere in the day. The photographer prefers to allow special moments to happen and concentrates on capturing these moments in a way that tells a story. 

Stuff people ask me at weddings

Nope… It’s true. This is all I do. I think people are often surprised by this because it can be hard to believe that a person can call something that they love THIS much, work. 

I get this alot at weddings. I usually take it as a huge compliment because of how I work. I love to get involved, I love to be AT the wedding. This is where the best moments come from, when people forget that I’m being paid to be there and merely treat me as one of them! If you want to read a bit more about Documentary Wedding Photography and what it is, click the ‘style’ button in the menu.

These days, I live in Standish, Bordering Lancashire, in North West England. Originally, I grew up about 30 mins away in the small Merseyside town of Prescot. 

We don’t use the C-word. Thankyou. 

Other variations include “are you using canon or nikon” and “is that a film camera”. 
The answer… None of the above. I use cameras and lenses by Fujifilm. They’re smaller and lighter than most cameras which means I can blend in much better, whilst also being awesome quality. They’re also fun to use, and look cool as f***!

This question usually comes from your drunk aunt! I don’t do much retouching. For me, I’m all about reality, As I’m hoping you’ve realised by now.

Actually, only my Mum asks this. 

Because it makes me look pro. 
Just kidding… It’s so that I can always have two different lenses with me. usually, a wider one and a more zoomed-in one. Moments happen fast, and I don’t have time to change lenses before them. 
It’s also a bit of insurance if one camera was to suddenly break (it’s not happened yet). 

Yes, I usually have!