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Storytelling Candid Wedding Photography, Without the Cheese.

I’m Paul, and I’m not a normal Wedding Photographer.

I’m not totally strange (don’t ask my wife); I just have a unique way of working. I am what we call a Candid Wedding Photographer.

It means I’m not for posers! I’m for lovers of casual, emotion-driven & storytelling wedding photography.

I’ve got a bad beard and even worse dad jokes!

I photograph weddings for brides and grooms, grooms and grooms, brides and brides. I cover England, Wales, and the bottom bit of Scotland. 

I live in North West England with my beautiful wife and a very cheeky cat. I’m a total nerd, slightly (completely) addicted to good coffee, and a lover of the great outdoors. 

My Approach to Your Wedding

you deserve better than boring photos

My concentration will be on reality.

The real moments involving real people and real emotions. This will create a lasting story of your wedding. It’s not just about taking photographs of people who aren’t looking, or being a fly-on-the-wall; It’s about being in the right place at the right time to capture those events unfolding rather than creating fake ones. 

This means natural photos. The blink-and-you-missed-it moments. Great if you (obviously) want beautiful images, but don’t fancy being dragged away from your canapés & alcohol celebrations by a bossy camera-person to stare lovingly into each other’s eyes. Eurgh! 

Kick back, turn up the volume and press PLAY


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Featured Wedding Photography

Some full stories from a handful of recent weddings

Paul Waring. Lancashire Wedding Photographer.


A chilled-out, coffee-guzzling Bearded beast. I live near the border of Lancashire and Greater Manchester but will travel anywhere with a road to shoot Weddings.

I’m obsessed with capturing good vibes and people at their happiest.

Away from Weddings, you can usually find me in the great outdoors. Hiking and cycling are my freedom from reality. Mountains are my silent place.

This year, I married my beautiful best friend.

Grandparents love me and I love what I do… Even when it rains!

“He caught every special moment and the photographs are literally breath taking. We can’t stop looking through them! We’d like to say a massive thank you to Paul for making our day so amazing and we will be eternally grateful for the beautiful pictures he took.”


“Paul was with us for the full day (from the morning whilst I was getting ready until into the evening reception) and he honestly helped us to have the best day. We were never away from our guests for long but we have some truly stunning photos which we will treasure forever. Going through them again was amazing as Paul had perfectly captured our day which enables us to relive it by going through the pictures. “


“The best Wedding Photographer in the World”


Emotions First

People look their best when they’re having a good time. Weddings, by their very nature, are fun.

The biggest part of my job is to capture this enjoyment and all of the emotions that go with it for you to revisit for years to come. When you look back at your photos you’ll remember the happiness you felt and the love you experienced, rather than the irritation of being told what to do all day.  

The Entire Story

The whole day is an adventure and I want to be there for as much of that as possible. I like to arrive when you’re getting ready and leave when I’ve captured the vibes of your party, often into the night. 

So much will happen on your big day and it can be hard to take it all in, so I will present to you a set of images to encapsulate the day as a story. 

No Cheesy Smush

I won’t boss you around and I won’t make you stare lovingly into each other’s eyes, all romantic. 

Of course, we will be taking some beautiful photographs of you two, but we’ll be having fun. 

For the rest of the day, I’ll be blending in and joining in the festivities!

It's your Wedding, Not an Elaborate Photoshoot

I understand that it’s about you and your memories, not about me. This is why I work in a laid back way. Casual Wedding Photography isn’t about taking you away to pose for hours, I know how annoying and awkward that can be. 

I believe that the best photos capture simple emotions, and no elaborate lighting setup or unusual lens is going to help that! 


sandhole oak barn

Is a Candid Wedding Photographer Right for you?

Some frequently asked questions about my candid style of wedding photography

Is candid wedding photography popular?

It’s becoming more and more popular because of an increasing number of more casual weddings. Many couples prefer less traditional weddings, so they are looking for an alternative to classic posed photography.

Modern mirrorless cameras have also made the candid style of photography more accessible to photographers, as they are smaller and less invasive. 

What will a candid wedding photographer take photos of?

Candid photographers will take photographs of anything that will add to the day’s story. The photographer will not stage photographs or interfere in special moments throughout the day. 

This results in a set of reportage images with a narrative and a story. 

Will a candid wedding photographer do portraits?

Although a candid photographer focuses on the fleeting moments throughout the day, many couples would like a few intimate portraits. The couple can take a walk around the venue with the photographer. The photographer will capture these natural moments and may give some light guidance. 

What is Candid Wedding Photography?

Candid photography is a style where the photographer does not interfere in the day. The photographer prefers to allow special moments to happen and concentrates on capturing these moments in a way that tells a story.