A Wedding Photographer for people who want beautiful photos, but aren’t too keen on having their picture taken!

This is me... Probably full of coffee.

I’m a chilled out, coffee-guzzling Wedding Photographer for relaxed and fun couples.

I live in the beating heart of the North-West (erm, Wigan) with my fiancè and a cheeky cat called Ellie.

I photographed my first ever weddings on board a cruise ship over ten years ago and after working on lots of boring commercial photography jobs, I returned to my love of parties and people in 2016.

Nowadays I spend my working life shooting unique and beautiful weddings for not-so-traditional couples.

I’m privileged to have the best job in the world, and love what I do even when it rains!

I’d love to hear from you! 

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A bit about you…

I love working with relaxed couples who have a big sense of humour and an even bigger heart!

They understand that weddings can be serious, but don’t take themselves too seriously. My couples like to enjoy the planning process and love finding vendors who they can trust as experts and who suit them to a tee.

They want their big day to reflect their own personal style, and aren’t afraid to do something a little out of the ordinary.

Ultimately, I always aim to work with couples who want their family and friends to have a fantastic time with them on their big day. They want a day filled with laughs and love, and need a great set of photographs to document this.

I photograph couples in love. Brides & Grooms, Grooms & Grooms, Brides & Brides. Love is Love.

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