A Documentary Wedding Photographer for camera-shy couples planning an awesome day!

No awkward posing! Just beautiful natural photography, allowing you to enjoy your day.

A Wedding Photographer for couples who want beautiful photos, but aren’t too keen on having their picture taken…

A documentary approach means the photos will tell a story, capturing all of the love and emotions of the day.

A Photographer for couples with awesome style and a big sense of humour. 

For the Nerds, the Introverts, the Ravers and the Misbehavers. For the wonderful weirdos of the world…

…Ultimately, a Wedding Photographer for Brides and Grooms who want to spend their Wedding Day with the people that matter – Friends and Family. I’m passionate about laughter, emotions and love!

I create beautiful photo stories for Brides & Grooms, Grooms & Grooms, Brides & Brides, LOVE IS LOVE.

Press play and kick back!

Be sure to turn the volume up, too!

Why book a Documentary Wedding Photographer? Because You deserve more than the same damn pictures everyone else is getting!

I love capturing the unguarded moments that can often go unnoticed.

The blink-and-you-missed-it stuff.

I like my photographs to freeze an epic split-second in time, not be stiff and boring.

Most importantly… I’m all about the FEELS. The emotions and the joy around the day!

Paul Waring. Wedding Photographer. People Watcher. Buffet Junkie. Professional Third Wheel. Total Nerd.

I’m a chilled-out, coffee-guzzling Bearded beast & Wedding Photographer. I live near the border of Lancashire and Greater Manchester but will travel anywhere with a road to shoot Weddings.

I’m obsessed with capturing good vibes and people at their happiest.

Away from Weddings, you can usually find me in the great outdoors. Hiking and cycling are my freedom from reality. Mountains are my silent place.
I’m marrying my beautiful best friend in 2022.

Grandparents love me and I love what I do… Even when it rains!


Words from Danielle (& Luigi)

“He caught every special moment and the photographs are literally breath taking. We can’t stop looking through them! We’d like to say a massive thank you to Paul for making our day so amazing and we will be eternally grateful for the beautiful pictures he took.”

Words from Danielle (& Kevin)

“From the moment we met Paul we instantly felt comfortable and at ease. We’re not into posey posey pictures so Pauls relaxed and natural style was right up our street. He worked like a trooper and felt just like part of the family”

Words from my Mum

“The best Wedding Photographer in the World”

Documentary Wedding Photographer vs Traditional Wedding Photographers. What’s the difference?

I’m not a normal Wedding Photographer… There, I said it! I’m what we call a Documentary Wedding Photographer, but what exactly does that mean? Allow me to dive in.

My style is fun and emotional. I don’t like formal poses and I don’t do boring photos, stereotypes or cheesy rubbish! I love the quirky moments that happen on every wedding day, and I love unapologetic flowing emotions.  

A small and emotional wedding day will have a very different vibe to a 150-guest wedding with grandma’s dancing on tables… And so the photographs shouldn’t look the same, either. If you can flick through your wedding album on your tenth anniversary and FEEL what it was like to be at your wedding, then I’ve done my job well! You don’t get those feels from standing ten people in a line and telling them to smile.

Like the sound of that? Push the button below to check my availability for your wedding day.

Emotions first

People look their best when they’re having a good time. Weddings, by their very nature, are fun.

The biggest part of my job is to capture this enjoyment and all of the emotions that go with it for you to revisit for years to come. When you look back at your photos you’ll remember the happiness you felt and the love you experienced, rather than the irritation of being told what to do all day.  

The entire story

The whole day is an adventure and I want to be there for as much of that as possible. I like to arrive when you’re getting ready and leave when I’ve captured the vibes of your party, often into the night. 

So much will happen on your big day and it can be hard to take it all in, so I will present to you a set of images to encapsulate the day as a story. 

No cheesy smush

I won’t boss you around and I won’t make you stare lovingly into each other’s eyes, all romantic. 

Of course, we will be taking some beautiful photographs of you two, but we’ll be having fun. 

For the rest of the day, I’ll be blending in and joining in the festivities!

It’s your wedding, not an elaborate photoshoot

I understand that it’s about you and your memories, not about me. This is why I work in a laid back way. Documentary Wedding Photography isn’t about taking you away to pose for hours, I know how annoying and awkward that can be. 

I believe that the best photos capture simple emotions, and no elaborate lighting setup or unusual lens is going to help that!