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A Sparth House Wedding Photographer For free-thinkers, creative souls, introverts, nerds, ravers & misbehavers.

And, is this you?

You’re planning a wedding at the beautiful Sparta House! It’ll be a little quirky, breaking a few traditions. Relaxing & partying with your people and not dealing with the usual pretentious nonsense. 

Read on… I may be your man!

Luxury Wedding Photography that is PersonalReal and Wild at heart

My images are created to take you right back to the EMOTIONS of the day in 10, 20 or 30 years. 

I do this by ultimately becoming a guest, like an old friend. If that friend had a fancy camera and coffee running through his veins.

Weddings at Sparth House

Today, let’s chat about a hidden gem in the heart of Lancashire that’s stealing the spotlight in the wedding game – Sparth House. As a wedding photographer , let me spill the beans on why Sparth House might just be the dream venue you’ve been searching for.

A Dose of History with a Splash of Modern Elegance

Sparth House isn’t your run-of-the-mill wedding venue. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Lancashire, this place is dripping with history. But fear not, history buffs and modern romantics alike – Sparth House effortlessly marries the charm of yesteryear with the contemporary flair you crave. Think exposed beams, stunning architecture, and Insta-worthy corners that are practically begging you (me) to get a camera out.

The Great Outdoors, Right at Your Fingertips

For a photographer, natural light is your best friend, and Sparth House delivers big time. The grounds surrounding the venue are a playground of photo opportunities. From lush gardens to charming courtyards, your wedding album will thank you for choosing a venue that’s practically a photography paradise.

Flexibility? Check.

One size fits all? Not at Sparth House. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a bash that could rival the royal wedding, Sparth House has got you covered. Their flexible spaces mean you can tailor your day to fit your unique vision. As a photographer, this means I get to play, ensuring your photos are as unique as you.

Wedding Photographs at Sparth House

Stress-Free Zone

Let’s face it – weddings can be stressful. But not at Sparth House. The dedicated team at this Lancashire gem knows their stuff, and they’ve got the art of seamless weddings down to a T. A stress-free couple equals genuine smiles, and genuine smiles make for the most heartwarming photos. It’s a win-win!

Rock The Dance Floor

A wedding isn’t complete without a killer dance floor, right? Sparth House boasts a space that’s just waiting for your guests to bust out their best moves. As a photographer, I can confirm that capturing those spontaneous dance moments is an absolute joy. Your photos will radiate the pure joy and celebration of your big day.

“I don’t know how you did it, but you captured every emotion”

Let’s dig a little deeper into how I rock and roll at weddings

My wedding photography can be wrapped up in four values. It needs to be Luxury, personal, real and wild-at-heart

Allow me to elaborate…

Luxury Wedding Photography

I define Luxury by always following one rule. It’s got to be as good as it can be. You would expect me to be talking about the photos but in this case, I mean service, professionalism and respect. 

I shoot a set amount of weddings yearly so that I can provide this to my people! I am always available to you.


Personal Wedding Photography

Every couple receives a set of images completely personal to them. I’m always looking for new ways to document a day, alternative angles, special pockets of light, and consistently making the most of what’s in front of me. 

Every wedding I deliver will be totally unique. 

Real Wedding Photography

At the core of my work, is honesty. Real, raw, storytelling photography. 

It means my photography is real, not set-up. Staged photographs of ‘pretend to be shocked at the ring’ groomsmen don’t play a part in this. My focus will always be on the emotions and real moments, through candid photos. 

Wild at Heart

Well, what an odd thing to stick on a photography website, eh? 

Well, most of my couples are just a little bit wacky, they are free-thinking and modern couples who want to do things their own way. And so my photography doesn’t follow the status quo. It isn’t traditional and I like to think outside the box. 

I’m a relaxed guy, but I want my photographs to have some fire in their belly.