It’s an exciting time of year when I get my first ‘sunny weddings’. Llyn Gwynant provided the perfect setting, Gabrielle & Jack provided the perfect vibe. 

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Wedding Photography at Llyn Gwynant

In March this year, I was off to Snowdonia for The Llyn Gwynant Wedding of Gabrielle & Jack. 

The sun was shining. I realised it was my first ‘proper’ sunny wedding of the year so far, and what a wedding it was to be!

The couple booked with me before the first lockdowns in the UK. The location, as well as the date, changed throughout the difficult time. Their new venue was Llyn Gwynant Wedding Venue and Campsite, right at the foot of Snowdon in North Wales. 

Thank you for just being the best photographer ever… photographs and photographers were the things I was most nervous about, I hate having my photo taken, You were incredible. We knew this when we booked you but you absolutely nailed it and we are so grateful that you travelled so far to still be part of our day. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

You made us feel so comfortable and not like we were on show which is exactly what we wanted.

A Llyn Gwynant Wedding Photographer

I’d love to hear from you if you already have Llyn Gwynant booked for your wedding. Look through the rest of the website, check out recent weddings and learn about me, then get in touch! I won’t bite. 

Snowdonia Bridal Preparations

Bridal prep was a simple affair for Gaby & Jack. The girls rented a lovely Airbnb in the nearby town of Beddgelert and got ready there with a few friends who had also stayed the night. 

I arrived nice and early, camera in hand, and got on with the job of documenting the day. 

Llyn Gwynant Wedding Ceremony

When I arrived at Llyn Gwynant Venue, greeted by stunning views and a charming old barn, Jack had already arrived and the guests were on their way. 

With everybody seated, an emotional entrance followed. Bridesmaids and flower girls came first, then Gabrielle and her Dad. Easily the proudest man in the room, her dad even had a little cry. I was told he wouldn’t shed a tear, but these moments can often get too much for even the most emotionally hardcore!

Sustainable Wedding Reception

As a group, myself and the guests included, we went for a stroll around the lake at Llyn Gwynant Wedding Venue. Right at the foot of Snowdon, the area is breathtaking. 

We then headed back to the barn area to be seated. The wedding gets even more counter-traditional here (is that even a word? It is now). The entire day was about coming together. Gabrielle and Jack are also big on sustainability. And so there was no chef on the payroll today, no waitresses and no kitchen porters. Gabrielles Dad pulled out a few huge BBQ’s. Her mum sorted the starters. Her brother (amongst others) helped. Everybody served themselves and helped themselves. 

When it came to clearing up a similar approach meant everybody cleaned their own stuff up. There’s something lovely about this. Most weddings naturally have staff to take care of everything, but given the casual nature and more laid back setting of the Snowdonia wedding venue, this just felt like the right way to do things. 

Llyn Gwynant Wedding Party

The rest of the day went as one might expect. Gabrielles Dad, Jack and his brother delivered speeches. Drinks flowed, and a brilliant musician turned up (@jamesrileymusic). 

We then partied into the night, I don’t think a single bum was left on a seat whilst James was playing tune after tune. 

Fujifilm Wedding Photography

For the camera nerds out there, this wedding was photographed on Fujifilm X-T3 camera’s with the same two prime lenses all day. The 18mm f1.4 and the 33mm f1.4. LED lighting was used on the dancefloor. 

Llyn Gwynant, Snowdonia Photographer

If you’re looking for a candid wedding photographer, please feel free to look around my website. With every wedding I aim to shoot a set of storytelling images which encaptulate the day and the emotions.