Jess & Paul (Great Name!) held their wedding at Rowton castle, Just outside of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. 

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Wedding Photography at Rowton Castle

Just a few weeks ago, I was absolutely honoured to be Jess & Pauls Rowton Castle Wedding Photographer. This was my first time at this venue, but I quickly hoped it wouldn’t be my last. 

We were blessed with beautiful weather, which is quite rare in northern England. It seemed only fitting that the Bride and Groom take full advantage of this sunshine with an outdoor ceremony.

Rowton Castle provided the perfect backdrop to their day. The stunning building is complimented by vast and picturesque grounds, friendly staff and all the facilities needed to host a wedding to remember!

Enjoy this small selection of photos from Jess & Pauls’s day at Rowton Castle.

If you’re getting married at Rowton Castle, I’d love to hear from you. 

Arriving at Rowton Castle

I’m going to start right at the beginning… Driving up to Rowton Castle Venue. Depending on which direction you arrive from, you may be able to see the castle-style stately home from the road. You then drive down the lane to be greeted by an almost imposingly beautiful building. 

First impressions are important. Not only for the wedding couple, but it’s also great to know they guests will become increasingly excited for the day ahead just by arriving here. 

Rowton Castle Bridal Prep and Ceremony

I greeted Paul in the car park as he was arriving with his brother, who was best man for the wedding. I then made my way over to one of the lovely little cottages at the side of Rowton Castle where Jess and her entourage (sorry, bridal party) were getting pampered (sorry again… getting ready). 

After an emotional meeting with dad and the kids, I made my way over to the lovely outdoor space for the ceremony where the guests were begining to arrive, followed by the bridal party and then Jess, accompanied by her dad. 

Wedding Reception Photography

The entire day was nice and relaxed from that point, which is exactly the way I like it. We had a small selection of group photos followed by a little walk around the ceremony, but I was mostly able to photograph the day completely in my signature documentary photography style.

This style of photography is perfect for any wedding couple who would simply like to enjoy their day as they planned it. 

Some couples love the idea of basically turning their wedding into an elaborate photoshoot but that’s simply not the way I like to do things. 

My photography is for wedding couples who want a beautiful set of images to really tell the story of their day. 

Fujifilm Wedding Photography at Rowton Castle

As a photographer with a candid style, I don’t want to be bogged down by heavy equipment. Therefore, all of the Rowton Castle Wedding Photos above were shot on fujifilm XT-3 cameras using only two prime lenses. The 18mm f1.4 and the 33mm f1.4. I also used my gorgeous X100v for some of the day.

I know that, to many of you, I’m talking bubbles with those numbers… But I know that I do get visits from other wedding photographers and photography enthusiasts.