"We're having a garden party"

An Uber-relaxed and cosy garden party wedding, Photographed by Paul Waring.


Scarlett & Dan


Ceremony followed by a Garden Party


East Midlands



I’m there! That’s all I need to know. After the (dreaded) pandemic, I shot a few garden party weddings and I always loved them. Scarlett & Dan simply wanted an intimate day with their nearest and dearest, without the faff. 

It was a ‘small wedding’ in the grand scheme of things, but that’s just how they wanted it.

Enjoy a selection of photos from their day. I will be photographing Scarletts brothers wedding next year and can’t wait to catch up with the gang.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re planning a garden party wedding.

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Planning a Garden Party Wedding?

So, you’re planning your big day, and you’re probably exploring all sorts of cool wedding venues. Well, allow me, a mere photographer, to throw a suggestion your way: How about a garden party wedding? Seriously, they’re like the hidden gems of wedding venues, and I’m here to give you seven super chill reasons why you should consider it.

  1. Nature’s Beauty:

Let’s start with the obvious – gardens are a total stunner for wedding pics. You’ve got all that lush greenery, gorgeous blooms, and a laid-back vibe that’s hard to beat. Plus, the natural light streaming through the leaves? It’s basically a photographer’s dream come true.

  1. It’s a Blank Canvas:

Want a cosy gathering?. Want a rustic boho vibe? You got it. Dreaming of an elegant garden soirée? No problem. These places are like a ‘choose your adventure’ for weddings.

  1. Seasonal Magic:

Each season brings its own flavor to garden weddings. Spring’s got the fresh blooms, summer’s all about that warm sun, autumn brings those stunning fall colors, and winter can be cozy AF with the right decor. No matter when you say “I do,” the garden’s got you covered.Candid Moments Galore:

As a photographer, I live for those candid shots, and gardens are a goldmine for ’em. From guests cracking up under a tree to you and your partner stealing a quick kiss among the flowers – these moments are pure gold for your wedding album.

5. Color Palette Ideas:

Let’s talk colors. The garden’s natural beauty can inspire your whole wedding color scheme. Those vibrant flower hues? Use ’em for your decor, bridesmaid dresses, even the guys’ accessories. It’ll make your pics pop with a cohesive vibe.

8. Easy-Breezy Elegance:

Here’s the thing – garden weddings are classy yet laid-back. The combo of natural beauty and a chill atmosphere makes for a stress-free day of pure joy. It’s like saying “I do” in a secret garden where everyone feels relaxed and happy.

So there you have it – a garden party wedding is like the hidden treasure of wedding venues. From the stunning backdrops to the relaxed vibes, these weddings are a total win-win. As a photographer, I’ve seen the magic happen, and I’m telling you, it’s something special. So, if you want your big day to be all about those genuine moments, natural beauty, and pure happiness, consider the garden party wedding. Trust me, your wedding pics will thank you!