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A Mitton Hall Wedding Photographer For free-thinkers, creative souls, introverts, nerds, ravers & misbehavers.

And, is this you?

You’re planning a wedding at the beautiful Mitton Hall! It’ll be a little quirky, breaking a few traditions. Relaxing & partying with your people and not dealing with the usual pretentious nonsense. 

Read on… I may be your man!

Luxury Wedding Photography that is PersonalReal and Wild at heart

My images are created to take you right back to the EMOTIONS of the day in 10, 20 or 30 years. 

I do this by ultimately becoming a guest, like an old friend. If that friend had a fancy camera and coffee running through his veins.

Weddings at Mitton Hall

So, you’ve snagged Mitton Hall for your big day, and let’s just say, you’ve made a fantastic choice! Mitton Hall, nestled in the heart of Whalley, Lancashire, is like a fairytale waiting to happen. Its 15th-century manor, enveloped in ivy and surrounded by lush gardens, exudes an old-world charm that sets the perfect stage for your wedding day. But here’s the twist: to make every moment count, you need a Mitton Hall wedding photographer who not only gets it, but lives it with you.

1. Classic Chic:

Mitton Hall’s exterior is like something straight out of a glossy magazine. The ivy-covered walls, blooming gardens, and a charm that’s beyond words – I, as your Mitton Hall wedding photographer, aim to capture this elegance and natural beauty in every shot. Expect your photos to be the epitome of classic chic, making your special day timeless. Read more about how I work on my home page.

2. Spaces for All Vibes:

Mitton Hall isn’t just another pretty face; it’s versatile and caters to all moods. Whether you’re in the rustic Aspinall Suite with its wooden beams or the grandeur of the Oak Gallery with its soaring ceiling, I’m there to seamlessly blend in. Your wedding album will be a narrative of your story, your way.


Wedding Photographs at Mitton Hall

3. Backdrop Goals:

Surrounded by the picturesque Ribble Valley, Mitton Hall offers views that are beyond picturesque. As a local Lancashire photographer, I know the rolling hills, meadows, and charming villages like the back of my hand. These surroundings create the perfect backdrop for your portraits, adding that extra touch of natural beauty to your wedding album.

4. Details, Darling:

Weddings are all about the tiny details that make your day uniquely yours. From the flower arrangements to the intricate table settings and quirky decor, I’m all about making sure each element gets its time in the limelight. It’s these small touches that add depth to your love story, and I’m there to capture them all.

5. Real Moments, No Poses:

Your wedding day is all about genuine, candid moments. Mitton Hall’s cozy corners, charming gardens, and intimate interiors offer an array of opportunities for these heartfelt, unplanned shots. These are the moments that truly convey the emotions of your special day.



“I don’t know how you did it, but you captured every emotion”

Why Mitton Hall?

Chillin’ in the heart of Lancashire, Mitton Hall is that sweet spot that turns weddings into adventures. Surrounded by rolling countryside, charming villages, and the Ribble Valley’s timeless beauty – Mitton Hall’s got the good vibes. With its historic charm, lush gardens, and a vibe that says “relax, we got this,” it’s the place to make your wedding day memorable without the fuss.