I have a real passion for black & White Wedding Photography, and so when I was posting about being a Holdsworth House Wedding Photographer, I decided to do something different and make the whole post monochrome. 

Alex & Louise got married at this beautiful Halifax wedding venue in the middle of summer, and you will be able to see from the photographs below that it was a beautiful day. 

Candid Wedding Photography in Halifax

Black & White Wedding Photographer

I mentioned above how much I love black & white wedding photography. I even have an add-on to my packages so that my couples can get their entire set of wedding photographs re-edited in monochrome. 

You’ll be able to see from the photos above that stripping away the colour not only gives a wonderful vintage feel to the photography, it also take away distractions. This allows the viewer to really ‘feel’ what is going on in the photos. 

Because I photograph weddings with a casual and candid approach, this means my work lends itself well to being in black and white. 

If you love unscripted, natural moments then monochrome Wedding Photography is perfect for you. You can get in touch using my contact page or look at more natural Wedding Photography here.

Photography at Holdsworth House

being a Holdsworth House wedding photographer was an absolute joy! The house has so much history, which they’re really proud of, and rightfully so. The Beatles even stayed here, and it’s still used as a filming location for a lot of interesting productions. 

Our day here was simply magical. Louise and Alex aren’t people who like to be the centre of attention, so the intimate venue worked really well for them and their smaller wedding. 

They even have a resident cat, who loves to make an appearance (especially when that lovely wedding food is around). 

Locations for portrait photography at Holdsworth House

The grounds and gardens at Holdsworth House ate absolutely beautiful. The stone building also makes the perfect backdrop to really encapsulate the day in a set of casual portraits. 

We simply went for a stroll around the gardens and I allowed Alex and Louise to simply be themselves. When we have a couple who look great and a venue as lovely as Holdsworth House, I don’t need to do any posing. I simply document our time having a nice walk around the venue. 

Natural and Relaxed photos at Holdsworth House

We had such a relaxed wedding day at holdsworth house, which is exactly how it should be. Our lovely Bride and Groom were able to spend as much time with their guests as they wanted to. With this, comes lovely moments! 

These moments are what really make a set of wedding photographs special. 

If you want candid black and white wedding photos… Holdsworth House may just be the place to get them. I may also be the person to capture that relaxed Natural Wedding Photography, just get in touch to hear a little bit more.