Black and White Wedding Photography

As a documentary-style Wedding Photographer, black and white photography has always been close to my heart. From the college days (a long time ago) developing our own film in the darkroom, right through my career photographing beautiful wedding days, black and white images have always had that little something about them! 

When we strip away the sometimes-distracting colour from a photograph, we are left with a much more organic and raw image. The monochrome tones can really bring out something different in the photo… Usually in the way of pure emotions. 

For a while, I have been wondering how to best incorporate this beautiful processing into my photography packages… And here it is. The ability to add the ‘Monochrome Collection’ onto any wedding photography package. 

The Monochrome Collection

So what is it? Think of it as a sub-package to perfectly compliment your photography. I have always delivered all of your photographs in colour for consistency across the gallery and album. 

You will still receive this. However, choosing the monochrome collection will add a new section to your gallery. Each and every image from your wedding will be edited a second time but in black and white. This means you will get every image from your wedding in colour as well as a beautiful monochrome version. 

You will receive the high-resolution files, ready to print and display. 

Black and White Wedding Prints

Additionally, you will receive five 10x8inch photographic prints, chosen by you from your monochrome photographs. 

These are printed in the same professional lab that I receive my albums from, for impeccable quality and deep colours. 

Photography Mono-Film. 

My favourite part of this entire package is the mono-film. This is a unique way of viewing your images. 

You will receive every single photograph from your wedding in a fast-moving slideshow that lasts around 5 minutes. It’s easier for me to show you one of these than to explain it, so please check out the video below. 

I love the way these slideshows can be watched like a video from your big day.

Your slideshow is downloadable for you to show to the world!

“Give me the Monochrome Collection”

If you already have a wedding booked with me and would like to add the Monochrome Collection to your wedding photography package, just get in touch with me using the usual means of contact. 

If you are looking for a wedding photographer and love the idea of beautiful, emotional, monochrome documentary photos, then please get in touch via the Contact Page.