Natural Wedding Photography

A collection of truthful, natural wedding photos. 

On this page I wanted to really give people a sense of how I photograph weddings from start to finish. You’ll find a selection of photos from each wedding… From the preparations to the party!

I always want my couples to remember their wedding day the way it happened and to be able to ‘feel’ the wedding years later through their images. Natural wedding photography is, for me, the only way to do this. You don’t get the same emotion when you stand people in a line and shout at them to SMILE!

I’m very proud to be a documentary wedding photographer, but I will also spend time capturing the details of the day that tie the wedding together as well as a small selection of group photos if you want them.

My natural photos will always be truthful, filled with emotion and stories. 

Natural Photography Monofilm – Emilie & Simons West Tower Wedding

The photo slideshow below shows an insight into the way I photograph weddings, containing every photograph from the wedding in black and white. You’ll find mostly natural, candid, documentary-style photos with a hint of fun and casual portraits and a small handful of group shots. The wedding was held at the lovely West Tower in Ormskirk.

What is Natural Wedding Photography?

If you’re looking for a way to describe natural wedding photography, you’ll also find words like documentary, informal and unposed.

For me, it’s a style of photography that mostly incorporates candid and moments. As a natural photographer, I don’t interfere and I don’t do cheesy outdated poses. I aim to tell the story of the day using creative, emotional photographs.