Ready to get in touch? 

Please read first: For me, a connection is everything. Being friends on your Wedding Day will lead to a fantastic experience and a lack of this connection will lead to awkward photos. Making a genuine connection with you is my top priority. This insures that you’re comfortable and allows me to feel more like a guest. Feeling comfortable will lead to AMAZING PHOTOS. 

I know you might be thinking “damn, this is a freaky-long process”, but this connection is the reason I like to speak with you before we go through the booking process, rather than simply offer a booking form on the website. 

The quickest way to get in touch and to get the ball rolling is usually connecting on Messenger… 

…It won’t be long before we have a chat and you can tick ‘Photographer’ off your list. 

Other ways of getting in touch

Prefer to send an email? the address is or click here

You can also connect on Instagram, @paulwaringphoto.

If you’re really old school, you can send a messenger/carrier pigeon to my office which is Unity House, Wigan.

I will never pass your name or any details on to third party companies. Your information is for my eyes only.

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