I had an absolutely wonderful time being Rebecca and Andys Heaton House Farm Wedding Photographer. This wedding had all of the ingredients that I enjoy at weddings… Loads of love, a beautiful cheshire wedding venue, and lots of moments to capture for the bride and groom to cherish forever. 

For this post, I’ve decided to show off just a few (well, ten) images captured on the wedding day in my usual natural wedding photography style, and explain a little bit more about why I believe this style of photography works for these particular photos. 

The bride walking down the aisle at Heaton House Farm

This is a photograph from a moment that happens at most weddings. The bride being walked down the aisle. There’s a few things I like about this particular image, though. 

It would have been tempting to simply zoom in here, and fill the camera frame with just the bride and her dad. But I am really happy that I managed to resist temptation and capture the entire story. 

We see the groom, ever so proud. We didn’t do any first looks at this wedding, So Andy is seeing Rebecca for the very first time. 

We also see the emotions on their guests’ faces. Due to government lockdowns, some of these guests wont have seen the bride for months or even years until now, so it’s worth capturing these reactions. 

I can also get a real sense of the venue. Heaton House Farm take pride in that tree in the background… so much so that it’s even on their logo!


The ‘we finally did it’ moment, just after the wedding ceremony. 

This is always one of my favourite times of the wedding day, when the bride and groom have just finished saying their vows in from of their friends and family, and a cold drink is waiting for them at the end of the aisle. 

I like to just allow this moment to unfold… It’s such a precious one, their first few minutes as husband and wife, so I would never dream of taking that away from them by shouting orders over to them or trying to set up a staged photo. 

If you like unstaged moments, then read more about Documentary Wedding Photography here.


Wedding Alpacas

Yes… We had Alpacas at Heaton House Farm. I honestly don’t know what more to add. 

Weddings + Animals. Always a winning combination for me!

Wedding Connect Four

Who doesn’t love games? We can see from the background that the grownups certainly do. The alpaca doesn’t seem too interested, though. 

I like this wedding photo because of the stories it tells about a few different moments. We have the child, the main subject of the image. He’s just about to get his tushie whooped at connect four, and he knows it! The expression on his face tells it all. 

However, his expression would just be a silly face if we didn’t have some context to the candid photograph. We see the game of connect four and we see the winning piece going into the game. We see an action and a reaction and this is what tells the story. 

Comically, however, we also see the other stories beginning to unfold within the same photo. There’s a casual alpaca in the background… Usually a subject in itself but he’s just taking a stroll through our scene. 

We can also see the other guests enjoying their own games to give another element to the photograph, and we see the lovely grounds at Heaton House Farm to give us some more context. 


Heaton House Farm Wedding Cake

This Wedding Cake was beautiful and I don’t really need to say anything more than what Andys face is already telling us!


Action and Reaction

I’m not going to pretend to remember what this Wedding Guests interesting hand gestures were describing, but she looks utterly shocked!

On their own, her reaction would make a funny photo. And his action could also make a good wedding photograph. However, I love including more things in my frame to tell the story… We can really see what’s going on and that’s what makes a good storytelling image. 

More Wedding Connect Four Fun

The great thing with kids is that they will make fun from anything!

This lad is having a ball, even though he’s certainly too young to even know what the game of connect-four is! 

Heaton House Farm Portraits

My style is very raw and truthful, I don’t set up moments or stage alot of shots. However, it can be really nice to accompany the bride and groom on a walk to spend a bit of time alone and take some lovely photos of these moments. 

I like the unusual composition in this image. Everything is happening in a small part of the frame but the brooding sky and vast gardens really adds to the feeling of the photo. 

First dance at Heaton House Farm Wedding Venue

Look at his little face! Andy is so happy in this photograph. The first dance is usually the last formality of the wedding and also what often really kicks the party off. 

I love the emotion and energy in the grooms face, we know he’s ready to dance the night away. 

Mother and Daughter moment

Even though I remember how close I was to this precious moment, The guests were so used to me being around that I was hardly noticed. This is when I can really capture those moments that simply cannot be staged and need to be organic. 

This little flower girl is absolutely knackered and is probably about ten seconds from being asleep for the evening, but she still has time for one last kiss from mum and a cuddle before she nods off. 

Casual, Candid Wedding photography filled with love and emotion!

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