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West Tower Candid Wedding Photography

West Tower photography is one of my favourite endeavours in my job as a wedding photographer! Hands-down, West Tower is a perfect combination of having an exclusive use venue that is beautiful, friendly and just the right amount of ‘loveliness’. That’s the word I’m sticking with… It’s Lovely!

As a Wedding Photographer, all of these things come together to give me a venue that I love returning to. I’m lucky enough that I’m there every few weeks or so, to the point it’s kinda my ‘local’. 

Enough about my personal ramblings as a west tower photographer, This day was all about Becky & Jack! Becky told me that her West Tower Wedding was to be fun & laid back. Add in a splash of love, some happy tears and some amazingly fun guests, and we have a day to remember!

West Tower Wedding Venue – A Photofilm

If you want a quick glance into a wedding at West Tower, a Wedding Venue in Ormskirk (West Lancashire), you may only need to watch the following video. 

This photo film contains the shortened highlights from Becky & Jack’s wedding day. 

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Paul Waring west tower

Paul, I've been in tears... Thank you so much for our gorgeous photos.

West Tower Wedding Photographs

The photography story for Becky And Jacks West tower Wedding was an absolute joy to create! Please note that a small amount of the following photographs are created by my good friend Maurice, as he was my second photographer for the day. 

Candid Wedding Photography

Rebecca & Jack booked me for their West tower Photography because they didn’t want to stand around posing! They wanted to enjoy their day with their friends and family. 

This is reflected in their finished wedding photos, as I feel they have a beautiful set of storytelling images to remember their big day by…  I may be biased though, I made those photographs!

“I’m looking for a Wedding Photographer”

Oh Really? That’s great news, congratulations. 

Would you like a photographer who turns up, bosses people into position, takes some staged photographs of people standing under a tree in a line?

You wouldn’t?

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