Basic Info

Location – Merseyside, UK
Address – Knowsley Hall, Prescot. L34 4AJ
Style – Grand Country House

What I love about Knowsley Hall Wedding Venue…

// The amazing interior
// A feeling that you’re part of history
// Beautiful grounds for portraits
// Incredible grounds for endless portraits
// The lovely food!

What makes Knowsley Hall Wedding Venue great for Wedding Photography?

As a Wedding Photographer, there’s so much to love at Knowsley Hall! From the lovely food (yeah, perks of the job) to the beautiful historic artwork and grand rooms. For me, though, the outdoor spaces and grounds get me really excited to shoot here. 

Knowsley Hall itself is inside a massive country estate, and it can be hard to believe that you’re only a few miles from the busy Liverpool City Centre. If you want some time to yourselves, we can stroll around the grounds for ages and never get bored… as a photographer, I can just snap away and it really is hard to take a bad photo when we’re around Knowsley Hall. 

Knowsley Hall gives off an exclusive vibe and can seem ‘posh’ but can definitely lend itself to a casual wedding… It all depends on the atmosphere you want to set! My relaxed photography style lends itself to fun weddings with loads going on, I love capturing the moments and emotions of a day. I find I can really get stuck into those moments at Knowsley Hall as everything flows from room to room. 

It’s the kind of setting that you’d usually only find by heading way out into the countryside. It’s a place you really feel away from it all and you can’t help but relax and take everything in! For documentary Wedding Photographers like me, that relaxed feel is going to equate to happy guests and a happy couple – exactly what I love to capture. 

The venue is easy to get to, has loads of parking, has rooms for guests and is simply one of the best wedding venues in the area! These are just some of the reasons I love Knowsley Hall as a Wedding Venue!

Hello, I’m Paul. A Wedding Photographer for people who want beautiful photos, but aren’t too keen on having their photograph taken.

Modern weddings aren’t scripted, so I believe your wedding photography shouldn’t be shaped from a mould! I just want to tell the story of a wedding as I see it happen. Your wedding day WILL be beautiful, so those moments are better captured, and not messed with! Therefore, I’ll simply put my own personal spin on things. 

I photograph weddings in the way that I’d enjoy being photographed, in an unobtrusive but fun way. Hate the thought of standing in a line getting stiff and awkward photos taken for three hours? Me either, so I don’t work like this! 

“Paul was absolutely brilliant. He made us feel so relaxed and at ease and all our guests commented on how lovely and friendly he was… The group photographs were taken so quickly and smoothly. You can see he has a real passion for his job and that shows through in our amazing photographs. I literally cannot stop looking through them and they bring back so many special memories of our magical day” 
Rachel & James, Knowsley Hall

Knowsley Hall Wedding Photography

Check out this condensed wedding, photographed at Knowsley Hall.