Hello, I’m Paul the Wedding Photographer

I’m a chilled out, coffee-guzzling Photographer for relaxed and fun couples who are planning an AWESOME WEDDING.

I live in the beating heart of the North-West (erm, Wigan) with my fiancè and a cheeky cat called Ellie.

I photographed my first ever weddings on board a cruise ship over ten years ago and after working on lots of boring commercial photography jobs, I returned to my love of parties and people in 2016.

Nowadays I spend my working life shooting unique and beautiful weddings for not-so-traditional couples.

I’m privileged to have the best job in the world, and love what I do even when it rains!

So me, in a nutshell…

  • I started shooting photos when I was 16 (a long, long time ago) at my local skatepark
  • I'm a bit of an animal lover. the main pets in my life are a doggo called Poppy and a cheeky cat called Ellie
  • I have a fiancè called Lizzie... Without her, absolutely nobody would laugh at my awful jokes
  • some days, I'm at least 85% coffee
  • I'm a lover of anything bike-related. Big bikes, small bike, mountain bikes, race bikes. Bikes bikes bikes
  • I say it often, but I LOVE MY JOB! Who wouldn't want to be invited to a party every weekend?
  • I'm 32 years young
  • For no reason at all, I like to eat a Subway Breakfast before every wedding. I don't feel right til I do!
  • If I have a weekend off, I like to drink red wine and watch ANY live music.
  • I've promised myself that future-Paul will travel more
  • I'm a bit of a nerd, and love it!

Ready to get in touch? 

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