Weddings at the Little Fox, Wirral

You know me, I love anything chilled and laid back. Lee & Adam’s wedding at The little Fox, Wirral, was right up that street. 

Wedding Photography at The Little Fox, Wirral

I was recently lucky enough to be trusted with Lee & Adam’s photography. They held their wedding at The Little Fox in the heart of the picturesque Wirral peninsula, compassionately known locally as ‘The Wirral’.

I spent the day with family and friends of both grooms, and was made to feel part of the gang, possibly one of the best parts of my job. 

You could describe The Little Fox venue as a hidden gem. It shares grounds with a larger pub, the Red Fox, with a small entrance into a beautiful and charming indoor space. Lee and Adam held their ceremony here as well as their reception. 

The venue also provides a safe and enclosed outdoor space to the rear. 

Below are a few photos from their big day. 

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Planning a Wirral Wedding?

You could certainly do worse things than check out the Little Fox. 

As a wedding photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing a few stories at this venue, and I am constantly chuffed at how relaxed it is, and how much the venue feels like a home from home, a local countryside pub. 

The Little Fox’s manicured gardens, vibrant flowers and lush greenery, provide an atmosphere that is ideal for capturing intimate moments between couples and guests.

What truly sets The Little Fox apart is its versatility. Whether you prefer the charm of an indoor celebration or the natural beauty of an outdoor ceremony, this venue has it all. The indoor space is tastefully designed with warm lighting, creating an intimate ambience that beautifully complements the classic decor.

As a wedding photographer, I am always delighted by the attention to detail offered by The Little Fox. From the meticulously curated decor to the seamless coordination of events, every element is designed to create an unforgettable experience for both couples and their guests. The dedicated team at The Little Fox ensures that everything runs flawlessly.

📷 Paul Waring – Wedding Photographer at The Little Fox, Wirral 📷

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