So you’ve received your gallery… Now what?


You should find your PhotoFilm at the top of the page when you open your gallery. It’s always lovely to watch this first and on a bigger screen than a phone, perhaps a tablet or laptop. 


Your images are yours, and you can do whatever you wish to do with them and you have complete printing rights. You will find the options to download the photos in your gallery. 

As the owner of your gallery, you have a password-protected login. This means you can make selections without your guests being able to see them. This is also the account from which you can download your high-res photos from. I recommend changing this password to something easy to remember. 

Cloud Storage
Your photos will remain stored in this system for one year after the date that your gallery was delivered.

Keeping photos safe
Whilst you have access to the gallery, please remember to download all of your images and keep them safe. It’s usually best to use a computer/laptop for this… Download all of the high-res photos and copy them to a USB memory stick or hard drive. Maybe even make a second copy and keep them at your parents’ house. Maybe EVEN make a third copy to iCloud/dropbox. 

You want to be able to enjoy every image forever, and so it’s best to keep digital files safe and backed up. 

Print Store
To make things a little easier, Your gallery is set up with a store. You can use this to order prints and albums. Your guests can also use this to purchase their own prints if they wish to do so. 
This store is also used when you want to purchase an album (see below). 

I want to leave a review

That’s great news! I like to keep all of my reviews together and simply use my google page. I’m very proud of my 5-star rating that I’ve managed to maintain so if this has fallen any lower for you, give me a message!

Wedding Albums

Ordering wedding albums is much easier recently! It’s all done through the store within your gallery. There is a video explaining this within the software. 

I have found that the best way to do this is to go through your photos and ‘favourite’ the images that you would like in the gallery. I find around 4-5 images per ‘full-page spread’ works best. So if you plan to buy an album with 20 ‘spreads’ then 80-100 photographs is a good number. Naturally, if you choose fewer photos then they will appear larger in the album. You can also choose fewer or more spreads.  

Then, when you come to put them together in the store you have all of the photos for your album in one section of the gallery. The software will walk you through the album design… it’s always easier to do this on a laptop or computer rather than a phone. 

The store software will work out the price based on the album size and amount of pages. 

If you have an album with your package/Have paid for an album in advance/have bought album credit…

Great, you’re halfway there! 

In order to keep things simple, you will have an amount of ‘album credit’ on your account with me. This is then used toward whichever album you want. Most of the time, an album package will include a 10x10inch 30-spread album, and this translates to £350 ‘album credit’. This means you can either stick with the 10x10inch album, or you can use the £350 towards a larger or thicker album. 

This credit will be given to you as a code to use within the gallery store.

If you think you should have album credit but can’t see the code for it within your gallery, please get in touch with me. 

Can we go through it in person?

Of course. We can meet at my local coffee shop and talk through it properly. Just CLICK HERE and select the ‘coffee in my local’ option 🙂