My Approach to Weddings.

Beautiful stories through elegant, emotional & creative photography. No staged moments. Nothing Fake, No Cheese.

Read that title again and again. No staged moments, nothing fake, no cheese. This sums up how I work on a wedding day.

My ultimate aim is to give my couples a beautiful wedding day story. 

My style is fun and emotional. I don’t like formal poses and don’t do boring photos, stereotypes or cheesy rubbish! I’ll always be about the quirky moments on every wedding day, and I love unapologetic flowing emotions.  

If you can flick through your wedding album on your tenth anniversary and FEEL what it was like to be at your wedding, I’ve done my job well! 

Have a peruse through the points below, and if that sounds up your street, be sure to let me know about your wedding.

Shooting from the inside.

Something I’ve often had to clear up with people is that I won’t just disappear into the background and blend in.

I’m certainly NOT a fly on the wall; I’m not there to hide at the back with a zoom lens. Quite the opposite… I’m there to get involved. There to tell your story from within your wedding. 

Think of it this way. If I’m hiding at the back of the room all day, trying to be invisible, the photographs will feel disconnected. When people eventually ‘catch’ me taking a photo, it will be awkward for both of us, and people will become conscious and think I’m trying to fool them.

Instead, I like to be ‘at’ the wedding. If people think I’m a family friend who brought a camera along, that works for me. You’ll find me on the dance floor shaking my tush, you’ll see me enjoying myself when things get wild and you might even notice me shed a tear when things get emotional. But I won’t be hiding.

Through the day, this means I can be as close to the action as I want to be, your photographs will feel like they’re taken from a guests-eye point of view. Your guests will have forgotten I’m even there and will crack on with having a great time.

Why is this important?

Well, it means your story will be about your day. It won’t be like any other. It will be told in a beautiful yet natural way, with flowing emotions and unique moments. Remember, nothing fake!

The unexpected photos.

They’re unexpected because every wedding is unique. Your photographs will be very different from my previous and next weddings. 

This is where my style shines. I love to capture the moments that happen at every wedding. The blink-and-you-missed-it stuff. 

Candid & storytelling wedding photography is, for me, the most crucial part of what I do. I spend almost all day working this way without expectations, shot lists or templates. 

When you receive your photographs from me, you will have a beautiful set of unique images. 

Check out some of the photographs I love to make using this button. 

the stuff your parents expect.

I know, I get it. most parents want a family shot for the fireplace.

Often, my couples love to go against the grain and have a fully candid photography experience. However, I do understand that some family photographs will usually be wanted. 

I need to make something clear, though. If you’re planning a list of 35 group photographs covering every possible combination of people at the wedding, then I may not be the photographer for you.

This takes time out of your celebrations, and many couples miss their entire drinks reception or other activities through having an unnecessary amount of group photos.

I recommend taking around 10-15 minutes for group photographs to get the most out of my unique documentary style. This usually means the immediate family and your parents, followed by the bridal party. We can photograph these efficiently, and everyone can get back to their canapes and free booze.. 

Portraits for people who don’t like portraits.

You’re looking your best, it’s one of the biggest days of your life. But you’re a bit camera-shy. 

I know the feeling. I know how most photographers work and it’s just not for me.

Picture it now… You and your significant other are just married and your photographer has you standing next to a lake like a pair of ducks. you’re being told to stare into your partner’s eyes, all lovely n stuff. Your photographer is fondling with some complex lighting, and it’s getting awkward. You’re in the stiffest of poses, now he’s making you kiss, and your friends are all watching. 

EURGH! I literally can’t think of anything worse. 

Enter my three principles when taking photographs of the two of you together; Ten minutes, nothing awkward, and no cheese. That’s a promise. 

Check availability for your wedding

My four core wedding-day values.


People look their best when they’re having a good time. Weddings, by their very nature, are fun.

The most significant part of my job is to capture this enjoyment and all of the emotions that go with it for you to revisit for years to come. So when you look back at your photos, you’ll remember the happiness you felt and the love you experienced rather than the irritation of being told what to do all day.  

THE ENTIRE STORY photographed

The whole day is an adventure, and I want to be there for as much of that as possible. I arrive when you’re getting ready and leave only when I’ve captured the vibes of your party. 

So much will happen on your big day, and it can be hard to take it all in, I will present a set of images to encapsulate the day as a story. 


I won’t boss you around and I won’t make you stare lovingly into each other’s eyes, all romantic. 

Of course, we will be taking some beautiful photographs of you two, but we’ll be having fun. 

For the rest of the day, I’ll be blending in and joining in the festivities!


I understand that it’s about you and your memories, not about me. This is why I work in a laid-back way. Documentary Wedding Photography isn’t about taking you away to pose for hours, I know how annoying and awkward that can be. 

I believe that the best photos capture simple emotions, and no elaborate lighting setup or unusual lens is going to help that! 

Wedding Photofilm

A quick-dive into a wedding photographed by me.

Check out this photofilm below from a wedding at West Tower to get a sense of how I create stories through documentary wedding photography. 

a wedding couple enjoy their day with guests in Wales

What is documentary wedding photography?

A style of photography like mine is most often referred to as documentary wedding photography… but what does that mean?

Documentary Wedding Photography is all about the story. The images I shoot are created to tell the entire story of your day. I don’t believe you get this from standing people in line or forcing them to smile at the camera.

This style of Wedding Photography is also known by a few other names… Reportage wedding photography, wedding photojournalism, documentary wedding photography. They all effectively mean the same thing. A wedding photographer who will capture the day authentically, in all the natural and raw beauty, rather than controlling a scene.

Great documentary photographs aren’t simply images where people aren’t looking at the camera; they are carefully timed and considered to tell the story of the moment, the emotion, and the entire wedding
documentary image of a little boy shocked at magicians tricks

Documenting Weddings, THE HANDS-OFF APPROACH

As a documentary wedding photographer, my approach is much more ‘hands-off’ than other, more traditional wedding photographers.

I prefer photographing from a ‘guest’s eye’ point of view, enjoying being in the moment and close to the action without being intrusive.

This way of working results in honest memories of the events on the wedding day. You will be able to look back at your photos and remember the feeling of the day.


People fascinate me. I love blending into an environment (usually a wedding) and being able to mingle so that I can be right in these moments when they happen. My craft requires me to anticipate these events unfolding.

I use smaller cameras than many wedding photographers, too. People have mistaken me for a guest in the past. This allows me to capture the unique personalities at your wedding.


I would love to document your wedding day. Hopefully, this page helped outline my passion as a pure and unique documentary wedding photographer.

Feel free to check out the rest of the site or get in touch.

bride glances at her groom during church ceremony

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer I will be capturing moments unobtrusively and with total respect for your wedding

Think years into the future… Your wedding-day memories will lie within the photography. Therefore, it’s my absolute duty to ensure that these stories are natural, and that the emotions and the joy of the day are evident. 

wedding guest in army uniform
In this documentary wedding photograph, a brides dad gives her away at southport wedding ceremony
Documentary photo of grandma with little boy, award winning wedding photo