Fine art wedding albums

A wedding is complete when the photographs are printed

Print is incredibly important to me. For years, I have been inspired by printed photobooks. I just don’t get the same ‘feels’ from pictures on a screen.

The same goes for my own work. It’s not complete until it’s printed. Holding a wedding album is an immersive experience which takes you right back to the big day. A physical memory. A tangible connection to a moment that can be passed on to your children, and your children’s children.

After developing a working relationship with Folio Albums, I am now a very proud brand ambassador for the company. I exclusively print all of my albums with them, as I know they’re the very best.

Why Folio Wedding Albums?

// First and foremost, the quality. I’ve used and checked out many suppliers in the past, and nothing comes close to the consistant quality from my Folio Albums. The care they put into their products is second to none. I have visited and looked around their facilities in person, and was blown away by the level of personal craftsmanship and knowledgable passion which goes into every wedding album they produce. 

// Folio are a very eco-concious company which is a great bonus. They’re powered by green electricity, recycle 95% of their office waste, use 100% recycled stationary. They use eco friendly companies wherever possible from packaging suppliers to couriers. 

// They just seem to care more! This one is simple, and what makes Folio Wedding Albums a no-brainer for me. The company is run by an ex-wedding photographer who wanted to do things differently. This means the support and service from them is impeccable. From advice on designs to help with checking orders and files… Even through to updates on order production… They’re just ‘better’. 


Your Wedding Album

Wedding Albums can be ordered and processed after your wedding day. You can expect to get, on average, around 5 photographs per double-page spread. 


// The Everyday Album

My Everyday Album is an elegant, great-value option. It’s a 30-page (15 double-page spreads) 10×10 inch album that embodies Folio’s quality. 

The Everyday Album is printed on fine, matte paper with a stiff backing.

You can select one of four fabric covers with your wedding year foiled on the front. 

Each album comes in a natural cotton bag and a cardboard presentation box. 

My Everyday Album is priced at £400.


// The Art Album

 Now we really get into the luxury wedding albums. My Art Album is hand-bound using the finest leather cover materials, papers and inks. These books have become a standard across the luxury photography market that many have tried to emulate.

Images are printed directly onto the page and each double-page spread opens flat with almost no crease, displaying your images across the entire width of two pages. 

My Art Album is a 10×10 inch leather or fabric album. You can select your cover material from a range of premium leathers or fabrics, with your first names embossed into leather or engraved into fabric. 

As standard, the album contains 40 pages (20 double-page spreads). 

My Art Album is priced at £550. You may upgrade to a 12×12 inch album for £50, and extra pages are priced at £50 per 5 double-page spreads (Maximum of 50). 


// The Select Album

I’ve named this album so, because this album is made exactly how I would build my perfect wedding album. 

It takes everything great about my Classic Album and refines it for the couple who only want the best.

Premium leathers are available, available exclusively in the Select Album. An added luxury, your names will be etched into the leather using 22-carat gold leaf foiling. 

The album’s pages are backed onto a heavier board for a premium, unique, quality feel. 

As standard, the album contains 50 pages (25 double-page spreads). 

My 10×10 inch Select Album is priced at £700. You may upgrade to a 12×12 inch version for £50. Extra pages are priced at £50 per 5 double-page spreads.