Paul Waring

I’m a very proud brand ambassador for Folio Albums in Yorkshire, who hand-produce the most beautiful albums. 

Printed albums are the best way to view your photographs and share your memories with your loved ones and will become your first family heirloom. 

Fine Art Wedding Albums

My fine art albums incorporate a clean, modern design to accentuate your photos.

The pages are thick and durable, boasting a matte finish that enhances the colours and details.

Each page will showcase a collection of images that narrate a story. Your fine art wedding album will be a genuine masterpiece, crafted with meticulous attention to every detail.

It will be meticulously handmade in Folio’s state-of-the-art workshop. Your fine art wedding album will be a treasured keepsake, encapsulating the essence of your wedding day.

It will be something you can cherish and share with your loved ones, including future generations.

Why My Albums Stand Out

You might wonder why I claim my albums are ‘just better’. Well, it’s simple. They surpass anything you’d find on the high street, especially compared to what’s available at standard photo print labs.

But it goes beyond that. I’m confident that my albums excel beyond those offered by other suppliers. I’ve tried numerous options, and none have come close.

Paper Quality

One of the standout features of my albums is the paper. Folio Albums exclusively use high-quality paper specifically designed to endure for hundreds of years. In contrast, papers from high-street printers can yellow in less than a decade.

Your photos are printed directly onto the page, allowing each double-page spread to open flat with an almost imperceptible crease down the middle. The fine art paper used is matte, ensuring consistent viewing without changes in light reflection. The moment you feel the paper, you’ll understand its quality.

The Ink

Unlike many print labs that use cost-effective dye ink, my album supplier exclusively employs pigmented inks. These inks, composed of microscopic pigment particles akin to those used in oil paintings found in galleries spanning centuries, are archival and produce stunning results. Through Folio Albums, my albums have set the industry standard for colour accuracy and print quality.


The final product is hand-assembled with meticulous care and precision. Witnessing the process in the factory, I was astounded by the attention to detail. While I initially anticipated mechanised finishing for the covers, the reality far exceeds expectations. Each cover is custom-made for every customer, then bound, personalised, and subjected to rigorous quality checks.

Album pricing


Each album layout is designed by Paul.

I will select photographs from your gallery that tell your story the way I intended when photographing your wedding. You will be able to review these and make necessary changes. 

Each album comes with;

  • Fine art archival paper
  • 15 spreads (30 page sides)
  • presentation box
  • cover text personalisation 
  • bespoke design

Small (8×8″) – £550

Standard (10×10″) – £650

Large (12×12″) – £750



A few further options to make your album unique. Prices are applicable throughout all album sizes. 

Full grain Leather – £60

heavy stock pages – £40

Additional 5 spreads (max 50 total spreads) – £50

6×6″ mini-copies – £150



Cover Materials

Full Grain Leather


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