Hey, I’m Paul

Thanks for reaching out and requesting this brochure. I’ve been through the wedding planning process, and I know how much of a minefield it can be. Therefore, I’m humbled that you’re considering me as your photographer. 


My Style & Approach

My true speciality is capturing a contemporary storyline of the day, focusing on timeless images. The stuff you expect to see, and the stuff you definitely didn’t expect!

This style is unobtrusive, candid and respectful of the day, guests, and moments. 

It’s about observing and understanding relationships between people to anticipate precious moments. A little smile or subtle touch. 

I shoot portraits efficiently, choosing a short, relaxed session at the right time in the day. 

My aim is always to take photographs that stand the test of time. They’re created to be enjoyed in 20, 30 or 40 years’ time. 

Consistently capturing moments

I like to think I never stop! I arrive with my camera ready for the nerves, and I’m still rockin’ on a messy dancefloor. 

I’m always looking to capture the obvious moments beautifully; like this dad seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. But, also, the unexpected; like the moment the champagne get a little lively… 

Relaxed, un-posed portraits

I strongly believe in allowing couples to be their genuine selves on their wedding day, and my aim is to capture images that truly reflect their personalities.

Instead of directing rigid poses, I prefer to let things unfold naturally, avoiding any awkwardness. The portraits are guided by the available natural light, and while I may suggest a general area for the couple to go and stand, the overall experience remains relaxing.

The short session is an opportunity for the couple to take a peaceful moment away from the festivities, go for a leisurely walk, and reflect on the moments that have unfolded through the day. Typically, the portrait sessions last no more than 10-15 minutes, ensuring minimal time away from their loved ones and friends. We may do this once or twice throughout the day.


I bloody love a good dancefloor, and I’m not afraid to get involved. I’m certainly not going to have my engine running 10 minutes after the first dance like many (many!) photographers. 

On average, I stay around 90 mins after the first dance. This varies wedding to wedding, but I’ll always be around until I know I have enough to capture the party vibe. 

non-traditional formals

I’ve always photographed weddings in the way that I’d like mine to be shot. I know family photos are important but nobody wants to spend 45 minutes to an hour stood in the same spot with numerous combinations of the same people moving around them. 

I’m not a traditional ‘stand and smile’ photographer, and so if your idea of ‘the photos’ is 25 configurations of posed family photographs, I’m probably not the guy for you!

That said, if you want some quick pictures with the ‘rents, siblings, grandparents and VIP’s, we’ll be just fine! 

You’ll also be pleased to hear that we also shoot these in a slightly more relaxed way. Think ‘quick grip and grin’ rather than ‘inch-organised school photos’. 

Quick brag…

// Multiple-award winning photographer

// Brand ambassador for Folio Albums and Narrative Software 

// Selected as a Junebug Weddings supplier

// Preferred supplier in weddings venues throughout the UK

// Writer at fstoppers.com, with a readership in the millions

// Over 250 weddings photographed

// Selected as ‘best candid wedding photographer’ by Enterprise Awards body


The nitty gritty. Am I right for you?

My primary role is to document and interpret the day. To build a body of images, so when you sit down with your album in years to come, it takes you right back there. 

I want my photographs to feel honest and genuine, not staged or over-stylized. 

I am not the photographer who will spend hours on your wedding day posing you, for me its about natural shots of you being you (with some gorgeous natural portraits thrown in). 

What gets me excited is the creative process and documenting the unknown, The bonus is that I get to spend my days with great people having the time of their lives. At the end of it, I get to present you with a beautiful set of images to remember your day by. 

Does it get much better than that?

The Package

I like to keep things simple, so I offer one package which includes:

// A pre-wedding consultation, via zoom or a local coffee shop, to meet and chat about your plans

// REAL full-day coverage, because weddings don’t end at the first dance!

// A preview of your photos after the wedding

// A HD slideshow and full online gallery of your images, with cloud storage for a year

// Travel within England & Wales



Do you work with a second photographer?

Most of the time, I’m working alone. A second photographer can be useful at larger weddings and I have a couple of photographers that I trust, but often another photographer can upset the balance, be distracting for guests and make them really aware of the multiple cameras. 

If you think your wedding would benefit from a second photographer, they can be provided. 


Are you insured?

I am insured for both public and professional indemnity. 


How many pictures will you provide?

You can expect a minimum of around 500 from a full-day wedding, but the final amount can vary depending on the length of the day, size of the wedding, the location or the weather. 


How far do you travel?

I travel anywhere with a roa from my house! Basically, this means anywhere in mainland England, Wales or Scotland. I have a young family, so choose not to travel for destination weddings or anywhere needing a plane or boat. 


When do you start and finish?

I start when you need me to, but I recommend about 2 hours before you leave for the ceremony. I finish when I’ve got plenty of dance floor action. This can be 9pm, 10pm, or later. 


What cameras and kit do you use?

I have a fantastic relationship with FujiFilm, and these are my chosen cameras. If you’re a total geek, I use two X-T5 cameras with 18, 33 and 56mm lenses. 
I always carry another back-up camera, extra memory cards, batteries, etc. 



What happens now?

Well firstly, thank you for getting this far. I would be honoured to photograph your wedding. 

The next step is either a chat or a booking. 


If you’d like a virtual (or in person) coffee before you book (this is often just to make sure I’m not really weird), use the following link. All of my meetings take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays but if this doesn’t work for you, contact me directly and I’ll be happy to help. 



If you are ready to book your wedding, please just message me for a booking form. This will take you through the necessary steps to secure your wedding day and pay 25% booking fee.

Your date is available at the time I sent this brochure but is not held until the booking form is complete. Once it’s complete, other enquiries for your date will naturally be turned away and you will be part of my little client family!