Very popular across the pond in America and Canada but gaining traction over here, are ‘engagement shoots’, also referred to as ‘pre-wedding photoshoots’.

For me, these serve a few purposes, and I’m about to talk your ear off about a few of them…

Casual Pro Photos

Firstly, you get some professional photographs of the pair of you! People don’t think to do this very often, and usually wait until it’s ‘family shoot time’ with the kids or their ACTUAL wedding day. As great as your wedding photos will be, engagement photos usually have a far more casual feel and you can really be yourself!

Turn it into a family shoot

You can always bring the kids or the dog (also one of the kids) to the shoot, and get some shots of you all together. This can make things that little bit more special, and also take away some of the awkwardness that some people feel when they’re booking themselves a shoot.

You’d be helping out

I don’t make any money from these pre-wedding photoshoots. They are shot purely on a ‘pay what you want’ basis. The money you pay goes directly to CALM charity (Campaign Against Living Miserably), a charity devoted entirely to reducing the suicide rate in the UK. I recommend around an £80-£100 donation, but anything is acceptable and everything goes towards helping this awesome charity. 

The photos come in useful

As you move forward in planning your wedding, you may find that having a few ‘proper’ photos can be handy. I’ve seen them used on invites, signature boards on the Wedding day, personalised wedding websites, all sorts…

Take away the nerves

Another reason to consider a pre-wedding engagement photoshoot is to help with any photographer-related anxiety! I often photograph people who REALLY don’t like having their photo taken, and it can be a source of nerves on the big day. I mean, surely there’s enough to be worried about without photography being one of them! A little shoot beforehand can totally put your mind at ease, you’ll see there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Heck, it might even be FUN!


I’m a chilled out, coffee-guzzling Wedding Photographer for relaxed and fun couples who are planning an AWESOME WEDDING!

I live in the beating heart of the North-West (erm, Wigan) with my fiancè and a cheeky cat called Ellie.

I photographed my first ever weddings on board a cruise ship over ten years ago and after working on lots of boring commercial photography jobs, I returned to my love of parties and people in 2016.

Nowadays I spend my working life shooting unique and beautiful weddings for not-so-traditional couples.

I’m privileged to have the best job in the world, and love what I do even when it rains!