Basic Info

Location – Lancashire, UK (A few mins from Garstang and the M6)
Address – Snowhill Lane, PR3 1BA
Style – Collection of barns surrounded by glamping, Lakes, hills and countryside

Before I forget..

Wyresdale Park is currently on my very short ‘Favourite Venues’ list. This means any Wyresdale Park Wedding couples who book with me will receive a free Customised USB & Print Box (£200 Value) just because I love it here! Send me a message to see if I’m free on your big day (Click to Contact Me)

What I love about Wyresdale Park Wedding Venue…

// The rustic vibe
// Separate ceremony and reception rooms
// Beautiful grounds for portraits
// Unique wing of grand house for getting ready
// AMAZING staff to look after you
// Loads of awesome vendors associated with the venue

What makes Wyresdale Park great for Wedding Photography?

One of the things I love about being a Wedding Photographer is the little hidden gems I routinely come across! I must have driven within a few miles of Wyresdale Park a hundred times, and didn’t know it existed until I started photographing weddings. Since I discovered it, I’ve been back enough times to know that it’s a truly extraordinary wedding venue. 

Just driving into the car park, we see that Wyresdale Park is certainly an attractive wedding venue. It doesn’t scream ‘look at how grand I am’ but we get a warm and friendly vibe almost immediately!

Wyresdale Park is ideal for my style of fun, emotional documentary Wedding Photography. There’s lots to do, unique alcoves, and space for your guests to keep busy which makes way for the best moments. What’s also attractive me for as an informal photographer is the way a wedding flows on the the day with help from the wonderful staff. It means I can concentrate on what I’m there to do, which is to document the day in my own unique style

Wyresdale Park certainly suits a more informal and relaxed wedding. The barns have a beautiful rustic feel which is right on-point for the kind of weddings I love to cover. There are, however, lots of incredible spaces in the grounds for portraits and group photos… or simply for the bride and groom to go and spend 10 minutes alone by the lake. 

Looking for a Wedding Photographer at Wyresdale Park?

If you’re planning a wedding at Wyresdale Park, I would love to hear from you! As one of my favourite wedding venues, I have some extra goodies available to you. Please get in touch and we can discuss your plans.

“Thank you so so so so much. We loved having you as part of our day. You were just brilliant and managed to put up with me for a pretty long time 😂” 
Helena & Brad, Wyresdale Park

Wyresdale Park Wedding Photography

Check out this condensed wedding, photographed at Wyresdale Park.

Hello, I’m Paul. A Wedding Photographer for people who want beautiful photos, but aren’t too keen on having their photograph taken.

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This is me... Probably full of coffee.

Modern weddings aren’t scripted, so I believe your wedding photography shouldn’t be shaped from a mould! I just want to tell the story of a wedding as I see it happen. Your wedding day WILL be beautiful, so those moments are better captured, and not messed with! Therefore, I’ll simply put my own personal spin on things. 

I absolutely hate having my photograph taken, I tense up like Chandler from Friends (kudos if you got the reference, 90’s fans rejoice!).

I photograph weddings in the way that I’d enjoy being photographed, in an unobtrusive but fun way. Hate the thought of standing in a line getting stiff and awkward photos taken for three hours? Me either, so I don’t work like this!