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With a few kind words from past couples, too!

I’m not a normal Wedding Photographer…

There, I said it! Let’s get it out in the open nice and early. 

My style is fun and emotional. I don’t like formal poses and I don’t do boring! I love the quirky moments that happen on every wedding day, and I love unapologetic flowing emotions.  

This is the reason I shoot mostly in an unobtrusive, documentary style. I still shoot portraits and I still shoot groups, but I believe that these don’t have to feel like a chore. I mostly like to hang out at your wedding and capture images which will really bring out the emotions of the day. 

A small and emotional wedding day will have a very different vibe to a 150-guest wedding with grandma’s dancing on tables… And so the photographs shouldn’t look the same, either. If you can flick through your wedding album on your tenth anniversary and FEEL what it was like to be at your wedding again, then I’ve done my job well! you don’t get those feels from standing ten people in a line and telling them to smile.

I love bright, natural light as much as I love creating my own light and atmosphere. 


“Thank you so so so so much. We loved having you part of our day. You were just brilliant and managed to put up with me for a pretty long time 😂” 
Helena & Brad, Wyresdale Park

Your wedding is as unique as you are

And I plan to show it… These are my core values when photographing weddings.

 Emotions First

People look their best when they’re having a good time and Weddings, by their very nature, are fun.

The biggest part of my job is to capture this enjoyment, and all of the emotions that go with it, for you to revisit for years to come. When you look back at your photos, you’ll remember the happiness you felt and the love you experienced, rather than the irritation of being told what to do all day.  

The Entire Story

The whole day is an adventure and I want to be there for as much of that as possible. I arrive when you’re getting ready and leave only when I’ve captured the vibes of your party. 

So much will happen on your big day and it can be hard to take it all in, So I will present  to you a set of images to encapsulate the day as a story. 


No cheesy smush

I won’t boss you around and I won’t make you stare lovingly into each others eyes, all romantic. 

Of course, we will be taking some beautiful portraits of you two, but we’ll have fun with it. 

For the rest of the day, I’ll be blending in and joining in the fun! 

“Paul was so down to earth and friendly. He wasn’t a bossy or posey photographer. He was able to hold attention when needed but much of his work was candid, catching all the little things we’d missed. He’s also a good giggle!”
Ben & Jimmy, Yeldersley Hall

four weddings in four minutes (ish…)

Hit play on either of the two slideshows below to see a snippet of the full weddings (each slideshow contains two weddings) and get an idea of my approach to each wedding I shoot. 

Play Video
Play Video

“Absolutely brilliant. Made us feel so relaxed and at ease, all our guests commented on how lovely and friendly he was… He has a real passion for his job and that shoes in our amazing photographs. I literally cannot stop looking through them”
Rachel & James, Knowsley Hall

Making a booking

If you’re here, there’s a strong chance you’re either getting married, or you’re my mum showing my website to her work-mates again (Hi Mum…)!

I’d love to hear all about your big day and see if you think I’m right for your wedding. You also need to make sure the price is right… So you can get in touch with me using either of the below options.  

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