Why do I need an album?

Today’s photos live on your phone, often never to be printed. Buying a Wedding Album is a bit different, it’s a printed record of the best day of your lives and it will live long after your photos on Facebook have been wiped from a hard drive, or God forbid you lose your phone.

I provide albums which are all beautifully handmade in the UK. They are printed using the latest pigment inks and supplied in a range of cover materials with beautiful paper to create gorgeous, built-to-last bespoke books.

I design each album individually, asking you to simply select the photographs from your personal gallery so I know which ones you would like me to include. Each spread is designed to be clean, simple and classic, with no distracting and silly effects. These albums are built to last for longer than a lifetime, to be enjoyed for generations to come… So that in the year 2050, the great grandkids can laugh at the ‘old fashioned clothes’!

Getting my album

I have a few different options when going about getting your hands on one of my awesome albums! 

The first is to book a package which includes an album. If you’ve not booked your photography yet, get in touch!

Some packages come with one of the classic albums (either 10×10 inch or 12×12 inch) and these can also be upgraded to any of my premium albums (Acrylic or Impressions). 

If you booked a digital-only package, you can still get your hands on a beautiful Wedding Album. Just send me a message and ill send you the order form!

The Classic Album

My basic but beautiful album option. These albums come in two different square sizes (10×10 inch or 12×12 inch) and are often included in my packages. Every album is designed by me and hand-assembled in the UK.

Each album comes with 30 pages (15 full-page spreads).

It comes in a big range of materials with the option of having a printed photo on the front or your names embossed or printed on the cover. 

‘Impressions’ Album

My premium album is an absolute personal favourite of mine! A beautiful 12×12 inch heavy album, the Impressions Album is finished in soft leather in a choice of four colours, with your initials embossed on the front. 

Albums are presented in a Premium Box with matching material and lettering.

Each hand made Album is produced with black silk lined boards at the start and finish to compliment the silk photographic paper used for the spreads.

Every Impressions Album is finished with a signed certificate to ensure you of the craftsmanship and commitment to detail.

The album comes with 50 custom-designed pages (25 full-page spreads).

Acrylic Album

My alternative premium album has an acrylic sheet covering a printed image on the front for a modern premium feel, finished with soft leather down the spine and around the back.

The Acrylic Album is handmade in the UK, comes in 12×12 inch size with 50 pages (25 full-page spreads) designed by me.


Manufacturing my Wedding Albums

Every album that I offer is made by the same manufacturer for consistency. They are hand crafted to order and all made in the UK. 

I personally visit their factory and showroom regularly (and to collect my albums in person) and love the amount of passion for quality that they have. 

The albums are all designed by me, approved by you, and then the order is sent to the supplier to be printed and assembled.