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Wedding Photography for couples who want beautiful photographs on their wedding day… But aren’t too keen on having their photo taken.

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Modern weddings aren’t scripted, so I believe your wedding photography shouldn’t be, either. I just want to tell the story of a wedding as I see it happen. Your wedding day WILL be beautiful, so those moments are better captured, and not messed with… Therefore, I’ll simply put my own personal spin on things.
I absolutely hate having my photograph taken, and consequently tense up like chandler from Friends (kudos if you got the reference, 90’s fans rejoice!).
As a result, I photograph weddings in the way that I’d enjoy being photographed, in an unobtrusive but fun way. Hate the thought of standing in a line getting stiff and awkward photos taken for three hours? Me either, so I don’t work like this! 

I love working with relaxed couples who have a big sense of humor and an even bigger heart. They understand that weddings can be serious, but don’t take themselves too seriously. Therefore, my couples like to enjoy the planning process and love finding vendors who they can trust as experts and who suit them to a tee. They want their big day to reflect their own personal style, and aren’t afraid to do something a little out of the ordinary. 

Ultimately, I always aim to work with couples who want their family and friends to have a fantastic time with them on their big day. They want a day filled with laughs and love, and need a great set of photographs to document this. 

I photograph couples in love. Brides & Grooms, Grooms & Grooms, Brides & Brides. Love is Love.

About the Photographer

I’m Paul! I live close to sunny Wigan in the middle of the North West, where I drink way too much coffee… I love visiting new places, meeting new people, riding bikes, collecting watches and drinking coffee! I also love going to weddings, which is really handy because it’s my job!

I’ve not always been a wedding photographer… My adventures with a camera started when I wanted to take awesome photos of my friends on BMX bikes. This developed (see what I did there) into more than a hobby when i realized that people would pay me for taking photographs… Bonkers! I ended up being a fashion and commercial photographer for quite a long while, and even had a few stints at sea as a cruise ship snapper. I eventually settled into wedding photography, and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Simply put, I love to be happy, and I think this is a Journey involving who we choose to surround ourselves with, and the choices we make. I surround myself with amazing people, Family, friends and clients… And have chosen a job that I love to do every single day. 

Get the brochure, Instant download!

Don’t worry, Only my eyes will see the details you submit 🙂

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Get the brochure, Instant download!

Don’t worry, Only my eyes will see the details you submit 🙂

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