Meet Lancashire Wedding Photographer Paul Waring

A little more about me, The Jolly bearded Wedding Photographer

This is me… A chilled out Wedding Photographer for relaxed and fun couples who are planning an AWESOME BIG DAY and don’t want the same damn Wedding Photos that everyone else is getting!

I’m a Lancashire Wedding Photographer and cover the whole of the UK. I live with my Fiancè and a few very cheeky pets. 

I am mildly addicted to Coffee, Apple products and Airbnb’s. OK… Totally addicted!

Quick facts…

Go and make a brew, I’m about to tell you a story!

Photography… Where it all began…

Go to many, MANY Lancashire Wedding Photographer websites and you can find beautiful, romantic stories of how their great grandfather gave them their first camera. You’ll read about how that sparked a love of photography that would last forever…

For me, I wanted to take photos of my mates on bikes!

Below are a couple of photographs of myself, firstly wrapped around a BMX bike at the skatepark. The next photo, in a green t-shirt, is of me with my first ‘proper’ camera. The two are closely linked, as for a few years I only ever made photographs of people on bikes! 

The final photo… That’s where my addiction to apple products began! Way before the first iPhones arrived, my humble Apple Powerbook G4! I think I’m about 17 in these photos. 

These years remain really important to me! It was at this time that I realised that I could actually take photos as a job. I didn’t know that it would be at weddings, but I knew that photography was here to stay. 

And where it went…  

The following years were an absolute whirlwind of travelling and partying, all with a camera in hand. 

My BMX photography slowly developed (see what I did there) into more serious photoshoots that I could really call ‘work’. After some time spent in Spain, I moved to London for a while because that’s what I thought people did to ‘make it’ in this industry. 

After a few harsh life lessons, I nipped off around the world a few times, working as a cruise ship photographer!

We mostly Partied… I spent most of my time under the influence… BUT my first weddings were also shot on here, even if it would be a few years until I photographed them on dry land. 

These photos are from Rio De Janeiro, Egypt, and one of many many parties! 

And how we ended up here… Wedding photography in Lancashire

That was all well and good, but I eventually headed home to give my liver a break. 

My life became that of a commercial photographer. I mostly worked around models, fashion and vanity, shooting portfolios for many of the well-known model agencies as well as advertising work for loads of bigger brands… You might have even seen my photos before!

Fast-forward a few years to 2016 and I felt my commercial work-life had no ‘soul’. I spent more time at my computer than anywhere else and the reasons I because a photographer in the first place seemed faded. I was also a little fed up with the lack of parties!

Enter a friend of mine, Matt. He was a wedding photographer and ‘the guy’ I would send people to when they asked if I shot weddings. After much persuasion, I went along to a wedding with him. AND I LOVED IT! 

I loved the challenges that the day presented, I loved seeing little moments unfold and most of all, I loved the people! 

A spark was lit, and the flame followed. I set up a website and the rest is history! I’m now five years in, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 

Stuff that people ask me at weddings…

“Do you have a real job?”
Nope… It’s true. This is all I do. I think people are often surprised by this because it can be hard to believe that a person can call something that they love THIS much, work. 

“So how do you know the couple?”
I get this alot at weddings. I usually take it as a huge compliment because of how I work. I love to get involved, I love to be AT the wedding. This is where the best moments come from, when people forget that I’m being paid to be there and merely treat me as one of them! If you want to read a bit more about Documentary Wedding Photography and what it is, click the ‘style’ button in the menu.

“Do you want a coffee?”

“Where are you from?”
These days, I live in Standish, Bordering Lancashire, in North West England. Originally, I grew up about 30 mins away in the small Merseyside town of Prescot. 

“I bet Covid was difficult for you, with no weddings…”
We don’t use the C-word. Thankyou. 

“What camera is that?”
Other variations include “are you using canon or nikon” and “is that a film camera”. 
The answer… None of the above. I use cameras and lenses by Fujifilm. They’re smaller and lighter than most cameras which means I can blend in much better, whilst also being awesome quality. They’re also fun to use, and look cool as f***!

“Can you airbrush me?”
This question usually comes from your drunk aunt! I don’t do much retouching. For me, I’m all about reality, As I’m hoping you’ve realised by now.

“When are you having a shave?”
Actually, only my Mum asks this. 

“Why do you need two cameras?”
Because it makes me look pro. 
Just kidding… It’s so that I can always have two different lenses with me. usually, a wider one and a more zoomed-in one. Moments happen fast, and I don’t have time to change lenses before them. 
It’s also a bit of insurance if one camera was to suddenly break (it’s not happened yet). 

“You must have taken lots of photos…”
Yes, I usually have! 

“The photographer at my wedding took a photo of the groom peeking around a tree looking at the bride, who was acting like she was lost. He also photoshopped a dinosaur into a photo of us running, so it looked like we were being chased. Are you doing any of those types of pictures?”
As a more Natural Wedding Photographer, I don’t do cheesy! Just the true story of your wedding in all of its glory.

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