You, Your Wedding and Me

You might nota be totally into ‘having your photo taken’ but you want lovely pictures that really make the personality of your day shine through.

Your ideal photographer won’t boss you around, make you stare longingly into each others eyes, or make your guests feel awkward or obliged. You’d rather they were on your page, and to fit into the day like a guest (who happens to have a good camera)! Obviously we will head off to get some fantastic portraits but these don’t need to be stuffy and posey-posed… We can just have some fun with it and get some snaps that represent you and your relationship (well, marriage! Gulp).


Paul as your Wedding Photographer…
I prefer to shoot full day weddings and be with you from getting ready through til after your first dance.

Free cake!
We can meet for a cuppa and a slice of cake, on me. If its easier, a video-call will always work. Just to get to know you a bit better.

The worst Dad jokes. 
I love having a bit of banter with the guests! The people are what make this the best job in the world… I’m even happy to talk to your drunk second-cousin about his photography degree that he dropped out of ten years ago!

At least 500 photos.
But usually more like 700-800, all delivered in the highest quality to a downloadable online gallery within three weeks of your wedding.

Some optional stuff…
I also do albums, fancy USBs and cases, and you can even book a second photographer or highlight-video! If you want an engagement/pre-wedding shoot, they’re ‘pay what you want’ and every penny goes to CALM charity (campaign against living miserably).


Check if I’m available and get a quote!

Go to the contact page and fire me a message
Even quicker, send me a quick message on FB Messenger and I’ll be with you ASAP.

Just a few kind words…

Got Questions? I got Answers!

If you have anything that you need to ask, but isn’t answered here, then feel free to send me a message using the facebook messenger links, or via the contact page.

We don’t live near Wigan, is there an extra charge?
Don’t worry, I cover up to 100 miles of wigan which generally covers most of the North West including Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cumbria, and parts of Yorkshire and Wales. We can work out a price if your venue is even further than this or abroad. 

Are you insured?
Yes, I’m insured for my own gear, as well as professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Proof is available on request, if needed by any venues. 

Do you offer any NHS Discount?
I do… And it applies to anybody who is entitled to a Blue Light Card. I simply gift you £200 to be used on your Wedding Photography. 

Do I need to feed you?
Weddings are a fantastic, but long, day. When you and you guests are eating, I’ll take this as my break and recharge my own batteries. It’s always lovely at this point to have a hot meal! Some venues will provide a vendor-specific meal which will cost a little less than your guest meals. Alternatively, there may be an option to grab a burger from an on-site grill. I also don’t mind being seated with the guests… it can be nice to enjoy the breakfast as one of your friends. I generally don’t like leaving the venue just in case I’m needed. 

What equipment do you use?
I use the latest mirrorless digital cameras from Fujifilm. I love that these cameras are quiet and discreet, with exceptional image quality. I use prime lenses only, which maximise the quality and amount of light available to the camera. I also bring my own lighting, to cover every eventuality. Wedding Photographers are naturally paranoid. I carry two camera, each shooting photos to two memory cards, one for backup. I’ll also always have two of each focal length lens used, and multiple flashes. Every eventuality is covered so that even if my gear breaks or fails, I will still deliver my usual high quality work. 

When do we receive our photos?
It takes no longer then three weeks after your wedding to have full access to your highlights (around 10% of the total amount, with a slideshow) and a further week to have all of your images. 

How many photos do we get?
Typically, you can expect around 600-800 images from a full-day wedding. The minimum would be 500

Can we see a full wedding?
Sure, you can click here: Full Gallery Guest Link

If I’ve not answered your question, or you’re ready to check my availability, you can use the Contact Page