Wedding Photography Fees

Your Wedding Photography will be one of the most important decisions in the planning process. Your photography will be used to remember your wedding day and the people involved for years to come. 

Your photographs are yours to integrate into your everyday life, to print and copy, and to display however you see fit. 

All-day coverage starts at just £1350 with options for mid-week and winter weddings. 

I try to accommodate a wide range of budgets and my coverage is priced accordingly to the standards I work to. The same amount of heart and soul is put into every wedding and nothing is rushed. 

Every option will include;

Paul as your photographer, all day

Travel anywhere in England or Wales

Full resolution photos for printing

A personal website with your photographs, for you to download and share

 I only cover a set amount of weddings yearly, so early booking is recommended. 

Getting in touch for a complete list of fees

I would love to hear about your wedding. Reach out to me using the contact form below, or by visiting the contact page.

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great-grandma looks at the baby at the wedding at the old palace in chester