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How much do you charge?

You’re going to hate me saying this, but ‘it depends’. Use the contact page and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Where are you?

I live in Standish, Lancashire, but travel throughout England, Wales and the bottom bit of Scotland.

When should I book?

If you’re in love with my work, you should probably get in touch right away. I shoot a limited amount of weddings each year and key dates book quickly. 

Do we pay a deposit?

25% of your total is taken to secure your booking.

How many photographs do I get?

From a full-day wedding you should expect around 500 unique images. 

Can I book two photographers?

Yes, I have a few selected photographers that I work with. 

Do you shoot group photos?

Yes, I understand that some group photographs will be important to many couples. I usually recommend keeping the list concise, though. 

How long will you stay?

This will depend on the time you select when booking. Often I’ll be with you from prep to midnight. 

Do you shoot same sex or LGBTQ+ weddings?

Of course! I love a wedding of any shape. Love is love. 

Do we feed you?

Well, that would be lovely! It’s a long day and so I always appreciate a hot meal. Some venues offer a vendor dish, I also love being on the guestlist as part of the wedding. I can also leave the venue to pick something up myself, but this is never my preferred option.

Are you full time?

I am, weddings are my life!

What if you’re ill on the day?

So far, across hundreds of weddings, I’ve never been ‘off sick’. I’d need to be basically dying… That said, I have a network of amazing photographers and we scratch each other’s backs sometimes, when the worst happens. 

I have a question that you’ve not answered…

Just email me or get in touch… All the details are on my contact page